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March 2016 - edk_N16

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    Posted: 29 Feb 2016 at 7:13pm

Congratulations on winning March 2016 MOTM Ed! How does it feel to be our exclusive Member Of The Month and having your name up in lights?

It's good to have the focus on my car. It's not something that happens often which I'm not fussed about generally, but it's great to be recognised, so thank you.

We’d love to find out about you the person. Please tell us about yourself and what you get up to, away from the NPOC.

I'm a cameraman by trade, working in video production, and by extension I photograph a lot, for both my hobby and professionally. So I'm often out and about pointing a lens at something. This is taking up most of my now whether it be on a job around the country, or going to car meets to help promote my automotive photography and photoshoots. It's become a full time obsession now and I love how busy it keeps me.

In the last few years, your awesome photography skills have made a name for yourself in the Car Scene (massive well done here) and as this is your feature, I’m going to ask you for your top 4 photos of cars you have taken and I’m gonna display them right under your answer too! Tell us why they made it into your top 4 also?

Thank you, I've really enjoyed the last year really hitting the automotive photography hard. Often favourite images of mine come out on top because of trying out a new technique that worked well, or simply, I love the composition, colours etc, so it could be for technical reasons. Other times I don't really know why, they just 'work' and I love it. Top 4, in no particular order:

I know it’s been a while now but can you remember how you found the NPOC forums and are we any good? Would you happily recommend the club to other Nissan Primera owners?

I would happily recommend NPOC to any Primera owner. There's wealth of knowledge in the club and pages of the forums, and I've never been to a bad meet. I think that says a lot about the club and its members.

Your join date from your profile shows June 2008! Which means that you have racked up nearly 8 years of NPOC Membership! Massive respect and well done! What keeps you coming back and signing in every day here?

I think 'see previous answer' best answers this question!

You’re originally one of the Old Skool AOC members, who found your way over to this side due to the 2 clubs past relationship and at some stage you even ended up with a Nissan Primera (you can tell us more about this one later). How is the AOC these days?

I actually still own said Primera (more about that later then). 

The AOC is not frequented by members anywhere near as much these days. It's mostly newbie post asking for help now and again. A crash of the forums losing data and then a hack that lost yet more data including members accounts didn't help at all. It's been a steep downhill run since then. 

We still hold meets / stands at the major Jap events like Japfest and JAE (sometimes with welcome help from the NPOC), but it's not the club it once was. 

Low numbers originally and chassis rust for fun, coupled with no special model of the N16 also helped keep member numbers down. 

We were really hoping that the new hatchback from Nissan was going to be called 'Almera' (which was promised by Nissan in a press release...), and that would have injected new blood into the club. It was called Pulsar instead. A better name in my opinion though, and one that is shared by our Australian cousins throughout the 'N' chassis range including the Almera, Sunny, etc. All called Pulsar down under.

I know you are one of the behind the scenes, hard working, staff team members over at the AOC, so I’d be interested in your take on forum activity dropping off (not just talking about the AOC and NPOC but Club Forums on the whole). Are Facebook Groups really to blame, or has the car club culture and passion changed over the years, or something else?

Hard working? I wouldn’t go that far haha. I answered some of this above, but regarding Facebook yes absolutely. People are already on Facebook and they find it easier to post up on a page or group than go onto a webpage or something like Tapatalk. What infuriates me though is that a forum is still a much better way of getting across, storing, referencing, and searching information. But, you can't fight the flow. Conversely though, Facebook is a great tool for organising events and sharing photos, even if every tom, dick, and harry likes to press 'going' even if they have not intention of doing so.

As a whole though, Facebook has helped bring the community closer together, and we see loads of general mark car clubs now who organise great meets. I see it as out with the old, in with the new in that case. I also can't complain because Facebook and social media have been instrumental in getting my name out there and helping me get photoshoots and share my photography.

So let’s get to past cars (ones you no longer own).. Give us your car ownership history from the day you passed please and I’d love you to accompany this lot with some photos if you have them?

Not owned by myself, but the first car I drove around in to get practice was a Nissan K10 1.0 L Micra. Boom.

Then after university I got my dad's old N16 Almera 1.5 Activ.

Next up was the N16 Almera 2.2 dCi SXE in Techno Grey.

Then my current car, another N16 Almera 2.2 dCi SXE but in Pearl Black (loads more details below!)

During black N16 ownership I've also had a Toyota EP91 Starlet 1.3 Sportif, and, the aforementioned P11-144 Primera Sport+.

Bit of a back story to all that, I liked the Almera Activ in general, it was the little things, but I wanted more power. It was whilst I had that car that I got interested in the modified scene and joined the AOC, but I didn't do anything to the car. I didn’t want to, I didn’t feel the car was worthy of it. So it was a natural progression to go for the 2.2 dCi, the more powerful N16, and the SXE for the full spec goodies. I did however explore getting an Audi A3 1.9 tdi and a Leon tdi too. I think though because I'd been with the AOC for a time by then I wanted to stick with that club and stay with an Almera.

The Starlet I got when I took the Almera off the road. Lots of modifications were planned for the Almera and it made sense as I need a car daily. The Starlet was a neighbour's who has it for sale so the choice was easy. Realising the size of the car was a bit limiting with the camera gear I often needed to carry around for work, I had to go for something bigger, and a friend has a 144 for sale. Job done.

Have you got a favourite out of the “previously owned” list above and why?

My Techno Grey Almera. I will always love, and miss that car. I've never had the same appreciation for the black car, no matter what I do to it. I think it was mostly the colour, but also because that car I 'grew up' with exploring modifications and becoming part of the AOC. Good times.

We’ve seen you rocking a Nissan Primera P11-144 at one stage. What happened with that one?

It's on my driveway still, and needs a clean up, service, and an ABS issue fixed, then MOT, but yep I still own it! It'll actually be back on the road soon.

Now let’s cover your current car(s), what’s sat outside on the driveway please Ed, tell us all about them and photos too:

My current, “drive everywhere, everyday, for work and pleasure, car”, is a 2005 N16 Almera SXE DCi (136) YD22DDTi, in Pearl Black, with stock power 136 BHP, 224 Torques. Stock average MPG (real) 43 combined, 55 motorways. Modified average is slighter higher! (unless I use the go pedal too much).

Current performance stats:

205 BHP (172 WHP) @4250rpm

330lbft @2200rpm

Engine Performance:

Powerspeed (Kent) 2.5" Turbo-back mandrel bent stainless exhaust.

Forge Intercooler and welded ali 2" piping.

TDi Turbos' Hybrid Turbo GT1856V.

RS Tuning Remap (including rev limit increase)

Turbosmart FCD (Fuel Cut Defender)

HKS drop in air filter.

Cold air feed.

EGR restricted.

Handling & Chassis:

Nissan B15 SpecV Helical Limited Slip Differential (HLSD).

Meister R Zeta R coilovers, 7/6KG.

Wishbone castor spacers / anti lift.

2JR Bump Steer kit (track rod ends) with McGill Motorsport uprated rose joints.

2JR Roll Centre correction (extended ball joints).

2JR Front wishbone SuperPro poly bushes (95 dm).

Rear trailing arm SuperPro poly bushes.

TDMi Rigid Subframe Collars.

Alutec lightweight (1.5kg) front strut bar.


2JR 4 Pot Wilwood 310mm brake kit.

HEL braided brake lines, DOT 5.1 fluid.

5 stud conversion.


Track – 17x8 SSR Type-C with Nankang NS2-R tyres.

Daily – 17x7.5 Nissan G35 350GT with Continental Sport 3s.

Winter – 16x8 1989 Nissan R32 GTR alloys with 195/55/16 Michelin Alpin A4 winter tyres.


Imported Aussie / Jap spec bonnet.

Aussie / Jap spec grille, after-market open mouth version.

Custom front bumper made from V10, N16 and G10 parts.

Custom rear bumper made from N15 and N16 parts.

Import N15 rear spats.

P1 rear lights.

Private plate (present from the parents).


AEM Boost Gauge.

PLX DM-200 OBD multigauge with EGT probe.

Depo OEM+ replacement headlight.

Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades.

Updated version of Nissan SCV.

When we all start driving, at some stage we pick a side LOL! I guess the 2 big teams are Euro or Jap – Thankfully you picked the right team but what were your reasons in ending up feeling the Jap Car Vibe?

My parents had the Nissan Micra, and then got the Almera. Definitely a direct result of that.

So imagine this (and I appreciate you’re not a Primera guy but you’re as knowledgeable as the rest of us), money is no object and you can build yaself the ultimate Nissan Primera, you can do anything you want here Ed – What would you create?

P10 RWD SR20DET, forged build, billet block, carbon prop shaft, Quaife LSD, flat floor pan, custom metal wide arch kit, and some seriously light forged jap wheels, and body painted in a custom colour of my choice.

One of the things I like about you, is that you’re very hands on with maintenance and repairs on all the cars. What would be the final straw, to see you and a car part company?

I love getting hands on with the cars. It saves money, it's fun (can be), and it's rewarding. It's a tricky question to answer and so far the only reason for selling any car has been its size, and lack of. I think I've yet to be pushed to that.

Is there anything you’d never take on or attempt, when it comes to car mechanics or repairs and what’s your spanner rating from 1 - 5?

Engine rebuild. I've not gone there yet, but it's not something I don't want to learn. Otherwise, I'm pretty game for anything else now, from clutch change to turbo swap, to body work. I'm no pro, but I'll be confident doing it on my own car.

Time for the quick fire question round!

What makes you smile? 

Boost / torque.

What makes you sad? 

Getting home after work and all the takeaways on Just Eat are closed.

Tell us something we don't know about you..

I love Disney's Aladdin. Possibly a bit too much. No, definitely too much, I'm a grown man...

Your favourite colour? 


Your lucky number? 


What will it say on your gravestone?

'Work until your idols become your rivals'.

Your favourite drink (any)? 


Your sub £10K second hand dream car would be? 

Wow, one?! Err, either Celica GT4 ST185, Evo 6, or 200sx S15. But there are a load of retro cars you can pick up for that too now. I'm not picky I guess LOL.

Your sub £30K second hand dream car would be? 

Caterham R500 or... I'll be honest I don't know what you can get for this price range. Something pretty epic I'm sure.

If you could steal the keys to someone else’s car (on NPOC) for 1 day, which car would you steal and why? 

GTT owned by “Mad Maru”. It needs to be driven....! (Pictured below):

You’ve shown up at a lot of club meets over the years Ed, what’s been your favourite one to date and why?

Peterborough a few years back, the one Ace Cafe I was able to stay for the evening for, or to name but many curry meets! They've all been great, although when a bunch of NPOCers came up from the south coast for a curry meet, that stood out, good to have numbers.

Tell everyone who has never come out and joined us at a Club Meet, why they should..

You are missing out. Come to one, and you'll find you like it. You can't explain a car meet without it sounding a little dull, you have to be there.

Over the years you’ve taken to the odd track day meet in your car(s), but I can’t remember the last time you were out on track. Was that a brief exploration that has been satisfied now, or is there an inner Stiggy still wanting to burst out?

I really really want to head out on track again, but time and money haven't allowed for that, as well as not having the car running 100% yet. I also want to be running two cars at the time so I have a safety if anything does go wrong, as I have to have a car to use for work.

So 8 years of NPOC membership, is there a defining club memory in that lot somewhere and why?

Peterborough meet, and I forget which year but it was with the grey Almera. Just a really good meet that sits in my head. BBQ, car was looking great after a proper polish and detail, good weather and good company.

There have been plenty of cracking moments though at meets like Ace and the regular South Meets which I love attending.

NPOC for life (regardless of what car you own and drive) or leg it when you change car?

A club is about its people. Enough said.

Tell Carlos Ghosn why he needs to bring back the Nissan Primera brand:

A BTCC legend shouldn't die. They are also missing a mark in their range. If you want something bigger than the Pulsar your only option is to go to a 4x4 type body. There's no classic saloon shape, unless you go to Infiniti.

Final question here and one I’ve been asking all year so far - Most petrol heads have a nick name / pet name for their cars. What’s yours and why and if you have names for all the fleet, do spill!

I'm sorry but I don't give my cars names! I've never felt the car needs a name! The only time I ever got close to giving a name was with the grey car, using a partial anagram of Almera SXE dCi (actual letters from the badges strewn out across a table), I came up with Mad Earl.

Member Of The Month is all about highlighting the unsung / unknown heroes around this club and also their cars, should they be driving a Nissan Primera. You won this feature because you’re an 8 year time served Member and very regular face at most of our meets both National and Regional. Some of our best photos in our Meets Archives and Club Features are also down to you (not forgetting the awesome video you did at Ace Café one year)! Thank you Ed, it’s been massively appreciated and here’s to many more years of Club Life! With my thanks out of the way, it’s over to you to see us out.. Congratulations once again for winning Member Of The Month for March 2016! Please end this feature, in your own words and feel free to thank anyone who’s made this one possible.

A big thanks to everyone who has taken interest, and supported me and my car along the way. Thank you to the NPOC staff for making me feel welcome and running a great club. I also hope that I've contributed sufficiently to the club in my years and not just with photos!

Congratulations once again to Ed!

March 2016 MOTM - edk_N16

Written by essNchill

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