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Nissan Primera P12 buying advice / questions

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Printed Date: 02 Dec 2020 at 10:26pm

Topic: Nissan Primera P12 buying advice / questions
Posted By: Turdor
Subject: Nissan Primera P12 buying advice / questions
Date Posted: 16 Sep 2020 at 11:06am
Hello forum!

Back in time P12 was my dreamcar! The futuristic design and metal bending tech breakthrough (LOL) was amazing then! We had a joke w my best friend when we see it first: "finally mass production cars started to have same metal bending tech as Bentley!".

So the car is still looks amazing to my taste insideout. I'm looking for inexpensive car, and Primera Diesel 2.2  YD22DDTi one of the strongest candidates! I'm in Spain, ppl cheating w odometers here as hell, and dealers are better to avoid at all - so how to buy a proper Primera? 

I have seen couple of adverts w very low milage (60-80k km), but it is questionable and how to check if it is true? On the other hand dealers might offer 1-2 years of warranty, but for sure the car will have real milage over 200-300k km.

After reading, I got an idea of this engine is a way to go. I care most of reliability and milage/consumption. 8 liters per 100 km is on the edge novadays! Any ways to lower consuption? What about highway? Is it really within 5 l/100km?

1. Is older 2.2 diesel is better or worse in that sense (milage/reliability)
2. Is 1.9 Renault engine is that bad & to avoid? (way too many more offers w this one here in Spain)
3. Is it a good idea to save 1.5-2k € buying a cheaper one (150-200k km) and invest it in repair on the spot or this tactics will bankrupt me with a way more spending?

I'm not in super hurry, but need a car in 2-3 months... So have time to educate myself and wait to find a proper piece of this amazing dezign!


Andy T.

Posted By: Turdor
Date Posted: 16 Sep 2020 at 12:27pm
Here is an interesting article:

Even it is mostly about pure Japanese versions - the say it is very popular in Russia (I assume it is a bit wicked translation from russian), but the general idea I got from it: there is huge amount of parts needs to be replaced and maintained each 50 (50x2=100) so 100k km. Otherwise there might be more tremendous expenses. 

Seems like 2 grans investment anyways to let it be a nice car for next 100k km!?

So I have a bit wired idea I know it sounds lame, but: there is one car on offer just for €500, but engine needs to be replaced. The timing chain seems to be a must @100k anyways in any car = pulling the entire engine, so if I can find a local garage who can replace a full engine, within a reasonable price, why not to spend a €3k +engine cost on full repair? Am I be able to have a well running Primera for another 100k km (with needed services in 50k)?

Assuming the car body in question is not rusty and would say comparable to a indoor parked 100k km one.

What is your ideas dear forum? Hope you like my passionate rush! LoL - I really like P12, but I have to stay practical!!!

Anyone had similar experience please?

Will go talk to local garage guys ;) LOL

Andy T.

Posted By: roy.2
Date Posted: 16 Sep 2020 at 9:15pm
Hi Andy. Welcome to NPOC.  Handshake  Come over to the UK and buy a right hand drive one. Thumbs Up


Posted By: ragt20
Date Posted: 18 Sep 2020 at 10:17am
hi and welcome to NPOC, good to see a proper P12 fan around, there are plenty about, as Roy mentioned, get one from UK, or even import from Japan...

FAO : Laurens, I am not Shaun.
FAO : bavs83, I am not Tan.

Posted By: mudoje
Date Posted: 30 Sep 2020 at 5:54am
Hello, I own P12 saloon with 2-litre petrol. You should reconsider the diesel choice. Do you have such a great annual mileage, so you need a diesel? Do your calculation. If you drive less than 10 000 km, I recommend petrol version. My engine uses about liter more at average than 1.8, but goes noticeably better. It isn't good on fuel, combined drive could still be at least about 8 litres in real world, while in busy city traffic it could do 12, or in extreme cases even a bit more.
Renault's 1.9 is better than Nissan's 2.2 engines. Nissan's diesels are ok only if the timing chain or turbo were recently serviced. If not, it might happen to you and that could cost a lot. Well maintained 1.8 or 2.0 petrols should keep going well and it's very likely their mileages are true even if they seem clocked. Even better Renault diesel is likely to have passed a long way because it's a diesel and original quality looses its point due to many miles/kilometers.

Considering overall reliability, well, it's a mixed bag. Mine is 2002 car and it's not perfect, but also not bad. Bodies don't seem to rust, floors are dependent on conditions in which a car was used. Some P12s are great, some average, while some are miserable junk, eventhough I don't like the fact, I must admit it. I don't like newer fake analogue proto-today LCD instrumentation in 2004 model.
Putting it simply - if you find decent condition example, it is very likely it will pay off well.

Posted By: stupot59
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2020 at 5:19pm
hi andy im new to npoc. ive had my primera p12 est for 15 years and its done 300,000 miles. its 1.8 petrol, as long as you change the oil every 5000 miles or so they are bullet proof. mines had 2 clutches all told, still original starter and alternator. rear calipers dont last and they rot underneath especially rear inner and outer sills and front cross member. rear brake pipes rot and front flexi pipes need keeping eye on. apart from that its a great car loads of space with seats down. good luck.   


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