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April 2016 - PrimeraPhill

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    Posted: 29 Mar 2016 at 12:42pm

Congratulations on winning April 2016 MOTM Phill! How does it feel to be our exclusive Member Of The Month and having your name up in lights?

Well just like everyone else I was shocked.

I didn’t even think I was eligible for the award as I thought a minimum of 2 years service was needed and as I’m only just over the one year, I was shocked for sure.

Then to get picked over all the other active members, well what can I say? I surely was shocked.

At first when I saw the email saying I had a Private Message from you, I thought what do I owe money for now, what have I signed up for this time?

We’d love to find out about you the person. Please tell us about yourself and what you get up to, away from the NPOC.

I’m 26 years old (nearly 27) and I have 3 children with my partner of 12 years.

We have been together since we were young and we had kids at a young age too. I was just 16 when we found out she was pregnant for the first time and man was that scary and I will never forget ruining New Year’s Eve 2006 telling my parents the news. A couple of years later we had our second and then our third child a few years after that. I don’t regret having kids young at all and I see it as a positive if anything. When my eldest is 18 I’ll only be 36, I’m still young enough to do stuff with the kids and we have a great time together as a family.

Having kids young though, did force me to grow up fast. I was at college at the time and was studying ICT but with the news that I was going to be a dad, it was time to grow up at just the age of 16. I went and got myself a full time job at McDonald’s and within 8 months of being there I was made a Shift Manager. Then within the next 4 years I was made into a Store Manager, I was the youngest in the country at the time, at just 21. I owe a lot to McDonald’s and no matter what any person ever says about the company, I know for a fact that they are a great company to work for.

The rest of my free time is mainly made up of a little bit of Xbox One, fiddling with the car, playing Sunday League football and spending time with the kids. Although the kids part takes up most of my time, much to my enjoyment!

A couple of years ago we built an aviary in the garden and it homed somewhere in the region of 100 Birds. Mostly Canaries, Finches and Quails, although we did have a few rare birds in the mix and they all bred well. We have recently moved house in the last month or so and as a result we had to sell all the birds on and dismantle the aviary, so were left with just the 2 birds that we hand reared last year and they’re currently sitting on their new young. We will build another aviary in the summer this year, although it will be bigger and better and we hope to have more birds for the future. The reason we had to sell the birds before we moved was that we needed to get a permission from our new neighbours before housing birds outside, so we thought we would wait and make friends with them and then approach the idea. It turns out both sides of our house have Chickens, so it looks like we should be fine to go ahead for this year as planned. I will keep you updated on the progress with a build thread or something at the time though. It was sad to move them all on, but it was the right thing to do at the time. Imagine turning up with 100 birds, to be told the neighbours were unhappy with the decision. No doubt we would have taken a massive loss selling them on at short notice then.

I know it’s been a while now but can you remember how you found the NPOC forums and are we any good? Would you happily recommend the club to other Nissan Primera owners?

Well I was on my second Nissan Primera at the time as I had some issues with the first one. I had travelled a fair distance down to Newport to pick up my second car and was having a few issues with the suspension arms knocking I think. I just happened to search online and came across this very helpful site. I decided to post and say “Hi” and I distinctly remember member “Taz Taylor” telling me I was close to Japfest and I should attend with the club, so I did. I feel that this was one of the reasons for me staying and buying a membership straight away.

I’m always recommending the club to Primera drivers, though sadly not one of them has taken me up on the offer yet, unless they’re just lurking in the background!

I have the white NPOC stickers on my car, even though everyone tells me I should have the black ones, as I feel the white stands out more and I want to advertise the Club to as many people as possible.

Your join date from your profile shows January 2015, so you’re now in your second year of club membership. What keeps you coming back and signing in every day here?

The people here are fantastic. I have made some true friends here so far in the last year and although a few of them are still “virtual”, I have met some great people in real life at the club meets and even at their houses too. I’ve been all the way down to the south coast and met up with Lee “Taz Taylor”, met up with Tom “RS Tom-Hundred” centrally and even met up with Chris “Geordie” all the way up in Sunderland and many more people along the way. I have made good friends with Tezza “Rocketman” who lives locally and we often meet up for a pint or he turns up at mine and we have a cuppa. The variety of people in the club is great. It’s great for advice, help, inspiration, jokes, banter and friendship.

You’re an Elite Member here (our highest level of paying membership and respect to you too)!! You upgraded from the normal £15 per year, at the end of your first year of membership and signed up for Elite membership. Being relatively new to Elite membership, do you feel you are getting value for money? And please sell us the reason, why everyone should become Elite.

Well I’ve only recently upgraded and already I have only spent £12 in membership but I have saved more than that in Japday and JAE tickets for the year so far. I upgraded though more to support the club than myself. The club is fantastic and I love being a part of it and that’s the reason I have upgraded, along with my ever sense of nosiness with wanting to see what’s in the Elite Lounge.

The £15 a year for the normal membership is a no brainer, it’s a bargain for what you get, so much advice, knowledge and inspiration, but I wanted to support the club more. I also plan on being at every event this year, as to my frustration I missed a few meets last year - This year this will not be the case.

We spoke privately about your previously owned cars and established that you’ve only ever owned Nissan Primeras (YAY!) since passing your test 3 years ago, so before we get on to them, how comes you didn’t pass your test for so long and how did you get by?

Yep I only passed my driving test about 3 years ago. Before that and having had kids when I was so young, supporting the family and household was very difficult and car costs wouldn’t have helped. My vehicles of choice back then were taxis, although the odd bus did make an appearance! I’m only in my mid twenties now, so haven’t lost too much driving time.

So let’s cover the previously owned Nissan Primeras, I remember you joining us with a green P11 144 and I think you may have even owned a Primera before that one? Excluding Pinky (for now), tell us all about your previous Primeras please and what happened to them too, oh and you know we like photos too!

Well despite the lack of previously owned “other” makes of car, thankfully for this section, I’ve have had a few Nissan Primeras!.

It all started with me passing my driving test. That same day I was looking online on Gumtree for cars that stood out to me. They needed to be big family cars (not a people carrier), stylish and with a little poke. I was looking for a few hours and couldn’t find anything really, other than an Astra Bertone (which looking back was not practical at all) but then I see this blue Nissan Primera P11-144 for sale, so I get my brother to take me to look at it. I take it for a test drive, the brakes are seized, but drivable and it looked in good condition. Anyway I buy it there and then, get insured and I have my very first car. I now just need to drive it back home with seized brakes and the M4 between us and with little driving experience too. I tell my brother to take it easy going back and I’ll follow behind, needless to say he put his foot down on the motorway! As I followed him I will never forget that roar and the feeling - At the time it sounded great, although looking back, it was probably just a normal sound. Then before long I was looking at his little 1.2 Clio in my mirrors and I was having a blast! Although I was still wary of the brakes at that point, that moment will live with me forever.

After getting the brakes sorted the car was running great. I then get a letter from the DVLA informing me it was a Cat C and I needed to have a VIC check completed before I could have the V5 and therefore tax it! This was sadly the start of a long list of problems I had with the car. In the end the car was going to cost too much to repair, clutch, steering rack, brake calipers, gearbox, and an MOT coming up sadly meant I scrapped it. Although maybe if I had been part of this club back then, I would still have that car now as some of the problems look to be quite easy fixes, knowing what I know now.

My next car was the green P11-144 that I joined the Club with. It was a good car, with not many issues at first and I enjoyed having it. It’s the car that brought me here and for that I will always be thankful. It was also the first car I ever modified, changing the bonnet grills and wheels. I enjoyed tinkering with this car and did some good mileage in it too. Sadly though the dreaded chain stretch happened and although I was pretty committed to getting it fixed, I was actually talked out of it by the Club members and talked into getting a P11 GT.

This led me onto the Mystic GT that I sorely miss and owe a lot too at the same time. I still feel so bad for ruining this one and it’s still in my possession and the parts on it are still being used. My Missus has still not forgiven me for this car, as she loved it but my daughter is happy that we have a pink car now! Either way I miss this car big time. It was a tragedy that I crashed it and that will live with me forever. Early June 2015 and on the first rainy day we had had in months, with the roads greasy, a deer ran out in front of me and I swerved to miss it! Back end snapped round and I sadly ended up in the bushes and that took care of the Mystic.

Out of ^^ that list ^^, any you really miss and why?

You’ve probably worked it out.. But I miss the Mystic, the colour of it was great and I loved the way it changed colour in the light. It was lightly modified and they were tasteful mods. I enjoyed being in the car and it was a positive experience. Like I said earlier, my Missus will never forgive me for it, unless I buy another one. It was also the first experience of a GT with me at the wheel and it was great.

What got you into a Nissan Primera to start with, was it on the list of cars to own back in the day, or a chance encounter?

I remembered my uncle having a Nissan Primera back when I was little, it was a GT and was in BT3 blue colour, it was fantastic. I have such good memories of being in this car with him, riding shotgun with the cartoons song “doodah” blasting out, as he gave the car the beans. I was young back then and well that particular memory has stuck with me since. A few years later my Uncle bought another one as he liked them so much and when I bought mine he was all over it once again.

The main event on your driveway is a gorgeous Nissan Primera P11 GT in awesome AT9 Cerise Pink paint!! Please tell us more about this one and list all the goodies it has and any changes you’ve made and let’s see some photos too:

Yes my beloved Primera GT in Pink. I will never forget the moment my daughter woke up the next morning after me getting it. She opened the front door looked at it and whispered in a cute little voice “Wow, he really did buy a pink car?” - I had told her I was going to buy a pink car, but she didn’t believe me. Kids say the sweetest thing eh?

Here’s a list of all the changes I have made so far, the car started as a complete standard GT:

Wind deflectors

GTSE interior leather seats

GTSE Interior Door Cards

K&N induction kit

Black sprayed front bumper lip

Kosei GK11 17” Wheels

White NPOC stickers

Metal Nissan Primera door protectors

JDM headlights

Clear side repeaters

White LED number plate lights

White LED interior lights

P11-144 sunglasses holder

Pressed number plates

Bluetooth head unit

Upgraded speakers

The cars booked in for window tints in the near future, along with a spray over of the rear quarter and rear bumper.

I also have a 421 stainless manifold and downpipe, with a good back box to go on the car, but time has been the issue here.

What’s your favourite thing / part about the GT?

The colour! I don’t see many other cars with this colour on. I am loving the colour combined with the new 17” Kosei wheels also. In my eyes it looks fantastic!

So imagine this.. Money is no object and you can build yaself the ultimate Nissan Primera, you can do anything you want here Phill – What would you create?

I really want to turbo the car and give it a blow over of paint. It’s definitely on the cards for the future, but if money was no object that’s exactly what I would be doing right now with it.

Rather than taking your cars to the nearest garage - You’re very hands on with maintenance and repairs. What would be the final straw, to see you and the car part company?

I wouldn’t say I was overly hands on; however, I do try for sure. I ask for help from the members and they always help me where they can. I do have a very local and cheap mechanic who helps me with any big jobs and I am lucky to have him to be honest.

Rust does appear to be the big killer of these cars sadly although I don’t plan on letting this car die, no matter what happens to it. Rust or not, I’ll be having it repaired. It’s rare to see a pink Primera and a pink GT to boot!

Is there anything you’d never take on or attempt, when it comes to car mechanics or repairs and what’s your spanner rating from 1 - 5?

My old Mystic GTSE has taught me so much to do with these cars, as I have stripped that down to pretty much a shell now, with just the help of my partner. So I would say that my knowledge has improved massively in this area, but there’s still a lot more to learn – I’d say my spanner rating was a 2.5

Time for the quick fire question round!

What makes you smile? 


What makes you sad? 

Rain (When the sun is out, everyone is just happy, it’s an instant mood changer).

Tell us something we don't know about you..

I’m a MASSIVE united fan. Manchester united.

Your favourite colour? 


Your lucky number? 


What will it say on your gravestone?

Good Egg (I try to be modest, but I’m always called a good egg, so guess it’s fitting).

Your favourite drink (any)? 

Coffee!!! Massive coffee fan.

Your sub £10K second hand dream car would be? 

R33 Skyline, although the Nissan Stagea is also very tempting at this moment in time. It’s just a Skyline estate after all but cheaper.

Your sub £30K second hand dream car would be? 


If you could steal the keys to someone else’s car (on NPOC) for 1 day, which car would you steal and why? 

“Mad Maru”s GTT I think, although I’ve never seen it person yet, just heard / read about it and seen pictures. Maybe that adds to the excitement of it all.

“Mad Maru’s” Nordic GTT pictured below:

You’ve shown up at 2 big club meets during your first year of membership Phill, what’s been your favourite one so far and why?

Japfest at Castle Combe was my favourite, mainly down to all the track action. Japfest 2 at Rockingham, track action was not that great for spectators, although they were both great to meet everyone and to talk about cars with other likeminded people.

I was down to be at 2 of the other meets last year, but work related issues sadly forced me to abort the plans. This year I have made sure my calendar is free for the whole year worth of events, kicking off in a few weeks with our massive Club get together at the Nissan Plant in Sunderland!!

Tell everyone who has never come out and joined us at a Club Meet, why they should..

The group of people who you see and read from on the forum, are just as friendly, funny and entertaining in real life. It really is a blast at the meets. I have enjoyed both the meets I have made it to and have made some true friends in doing so. If you do one thing this year, attend a meet, you will be welcomed by the NPOC family with arms wide open and will have a great time in the process. It’s great to get out, meet and see likeminded Nissan Primera enthusiasts.

You’ve also already bought your discounted ticket for the epic weekender that is, the Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE) 2016! Which will be your first one ever, looking forward to it?

Oh yes I can’t wait!

Sadly last year my son needed to go to hospital with a massive abscess so I was unable to make it. If something like that happens again this year, I’ll drop him of at the closest hospital to JAE and pick him up on the way home.

In fact I’m looking forward to all of the shows this year. I enjoy the car scene and more so the company.

Something a little funky here, so bear with me… Normally at this point I’d ask you for a defining club memory since you’ve been a member but you made a post on the forums on December 30th 2015 and I’ve kept it stashed away in the back of house, so I’m gonna post it up as your answer to this question – How was your first year of paying NPOC membership Phill?

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all. I've met some great car enthusiasts this year, who have totally transformed the way I view cars, some funny guys and some great reading, along with seeing some top work being completed on some top motors. Most of all though, I've made some great friends.

I've saved a ton of cash in parts and labour from the help and assistance of the members. I wouldn't even have Pinky without this great bunch of people, as a member found it and shared it. Though it was kind of embarrassing sharing the Mystics trip, you all made me feel good still and then bought a ton of parts of it, like vultures.

Now I only made it to 2 club events this year and I was bitterly disappointed that I could not attend the others due to either prior plans or I had to work, due to late notice. Not for 2016 though, I've just gone through and booked off all events that I can find the date to online.

When it does come to renewal time in a week or so, I for one will most definitely be upgrading to Elite, as I can only see the benefits from this.

Thank you all for a fabulous year in motoring and the friendships we have formed throughout.

NPOC for life (regardless of what car you own and drive) or leg it when you change car?

Oh I think I’m a lifer. Maybe even a Primera lifer at this rate.

Tell Carlos Ghosn why he needs to bring back the Nissan Primera brand:

Nissan are missing a massive part of the market. I look at Nissan cars currently and they’re either small hatchbacks or massive family cars. Where is the saloon / hatchback in their market? Surely they can see they are missing this as much as we can? Quite frankly I’m shocked that they don’t have a car that fits that criteria. The market is crying out for a modern Nissan Primera model.

Although saying that, with Renaults involvement nowadays, it’s probably a good thing that the Primera legacy is untouched mostly.

Final question here and one I’ve been asking all year so far - Most petrol heads have a nick name / pet name for their car(s). What’s yours and why?

You know what, I don’t actually have one! I’ve tried to come up with one a few times but I always come back to Pinky and there can only be one Pinky and we all know where that is.

Member Of The Month is all about highlighting the unsung / unknown heroes around this club and also their cars, should they be driving a Nissan Primera. You won this feature because you’re a regular at our Club Meets, a daily visitor and contributor to the Forums and Facebook Group and you’re passionate about the Club and the Nissan Primera too! Thank you Phill, it’s been massively appreciated and here’s to many more years of Club Life! With my thanks out of the way, it’s over to you to see us out.. Congratulations once again for winning Member Of The Month for April 2016! Please end this feature, in your own words and feel free to thank anyone who’s made this one possible.

Overall I could be here a while thanking all the people who have somehow mad an impact me over the past year and I only have a year’s membership to go on. I can only imagine some of the help you have all had over the years!

I have to personally thank Ady “ady_c” for finding me the Pink GT I currently have; Brian “p11primeragt”for his massive contribution to any issues I have had, he always answers me and helps where he can; Matt “mattsix”, he was a diamond when I was stripping the Mystic and even gave me his phone number and helped me that way. You guys really helped me when I was in a mad situation with 1 crashed up car and then helped me with the stripping.

I’d like to thank the whole club for welcoming me in open armed and helping me out whenever I have needed any help. I have had a great time at all the meets and have met some great people over the year. In just one year I have some great photos of my cars with other member’s cars and I love that aspect of the club.

You are all so friendly and helpful. Thanks to everyone!

Congratulations once again to Phill!

April 2016 MOTM - PrimeraPhill

Written by essNchill

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