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March 2010 - Quaily (P11)

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    Posted: 24 Feb 2010 at 2:30am

Congratulations on winning the March 2010 COTM Paul! You and your gorgeous Nissan Primera P11 GTLE are now officially written into the “NPOC Hall Of Fame”, for all time! How does it feel winning this exclusive award and the Car Of The Month feature?


Firstly I have to say a huge THANK YOU for granting both myself and my car a position amid such a special selection of people and Primera's, I feel very special and excited about this award and at the same time humbled, as there are so many other great cars and fantastic people on NPOC.


I just couldn't believe it was true, and then the news sank in after the chat. I thought I was in trouble at first to warrant a phone call by Admin LOL. I couldn't have been any happier or more proud of my GT. I had a cheer at the end of the conversation and threw a fist in the air (right about the same time as cracking my toe on the banister and laughing it off). I'm just so proud!


It didn't matter what time the conversation ended, I had to tell someone, the single most important fella on earth, my first port of call was you guessed it.... "George the sprayer guy", AKA "dad" LOL. 23:45 and I woke him up to tell him what we had won, even in his state of bleary eyed mumblings were the words "Congratulations son, I'm very happy for you", these were closely followed by "now get your tea, have a bath and get into bed, you're up at 6am"!  Dad never changes.


I also received an email and text the following morning wishing further congratulations. Hell yeah, my mam and dad rock. I swear I have them both bleeding NPOC blood at times. I'm deffo a die hard NPOC fan.  Even my mam ‘n’ dad's cars, both sport the NPOC air fresheners!


Wow what an honour - Thank you very much for this prestigious award, it means the world to me, it really does.


Before we talk cars, we’d love to find out more about you the owner. Please tell us about yourself and what you get up to, away from the NPOC.


I'm 37 years of age, yeah I know, I can't believe it either (Oil of Olay works wonders LOL). I'm not married and I don't have any children. I work as a Supervisor in Pipeline and Process Engineering. I'm just a solid single guy and I'm very happy to be that way too. I like life's many options and I fully intend on exploring them as well.


When I'm not planning my next NPOC trip, I am a huge movie fan and I used to own almost 3,000 videos till my mam and dad booted me out to get 2 rooms back. Seriously though, I have gathered quite a collection of DVD's since the birth of “next gen” film presentation, that’s now outdated next to Blu-Ray. I can 100% guarantee that I'm not starting again either LOL. James Bond, Miami Vice (the original), Dirty Harry and Magnum are among my favourites. 007 (Roger Moore was always my top choice, some will argue).


Which brings me nicely onto my next huge interest, which I'm sure everybody already knows on here (exhaustively I may add)… Die cast model cars, scales ranging from 1/43 to 1/18. This is one of my real enjoyments, I love my collection and I love to see close friends faces when they see them for the first time. No matter what you lust after or maybe what you once owned, chances are I'll have something similar. I love American Muscle cars, Japanese tuners and exotics. If I was told to keep 10 models and sell the rest, one of course would be the David Leslie Primera; the others would be a choice of Camaro's and Dodge's.


My other interests are in photography (SLR), which I'm still sinking into the digital age. I was a 35mm film guy for some years before upgrading. Aside from the car on the other end of the lens, I love scenery, sunsets, sunrises and black & whites and of course my own quirky take on things.


Other interests include, pool (9 ball), mountain biking, gardening, gaming and trying to work computers LOL!


How did you find the NPOC forums and are we any good? Would you happily recommend the club to other Nissan Primera owners?


Confession time! This is my very 1st forum I have ever been a member of, Shadow (Vince) will back that statement up, on the very 1st night I logged into NPOC, I didn't have a clue where I was going what I was doing, let alone know what a PM was LOL. True to NPOC, various owners all helped me understand what to do and how to do it. It only took me 2 weeks to figure out how to put 2 photos in the same post!


Having settled into the swing of things relatively quickly, I found the forum was a great place to be, if not just for cars, but also for the banter and all round family feel to it. The information to be found through numerous help threads, or from the friendly helpful members is truly jaw dropping. It’s astonishing to see the level of information available on here at times.


Would I recommend joining the club? In a heartbeat! It’s a fantastic place, it’s not just about cars, and it’s all about the people too. The NPOC is a forum I regularly visit and keep on coming back for more.


You’re an Elite Member here (our highest level of paying membership), are you getting value for money with that? And please sell us the reason, why everyone should become Elite.


I started out as a paying member (£15 per year) from the time payment cleared within the 1st week. I got a bit further into my first year and thought, “why not join the Elite?”, if the truth be told I wanted to know what secrets were in that little room (Elite Section) LOL. It was a shock to discover the biscuits were a touch soggy hahaha!!


In all honesty, I wanted to give a little back to a club that was fast becoming an integral part of my life, what with new friends, the car and meetings. I wanted to be able to contribute to keeping the club alive, these club's need money to stay alive, and I was more than happy to donate the £4 per month, a pack of ciggy's cost more nowadays!


What do you get for 4 shiny £1 coins per month? A staggering amount! Free passes to shows (Rising Sun, Thoresby Park), huge discounts to the larger shows (Japfest & JAE), special invites to Elite parties, first knocks, club decisions, free grub, free email address, free storage on the club server etc etc. I mean what more could you want, need or require? I am supremely happy to continue contributing to this club as an Elite Member


Long live NPOC.... if my £4 was the decider..... I'd deliver it personally.


Some of us know you previously owned a lovely Skyline, how did you get from there and into a Nissan Primera P11 GTLE? Have you always been a Nissan man and any previous Primera’s you’ve had the pleasure of owning?


HaHa.......LOL....! I just knew this one would get a mention; I just blew my tea into my eyes from laughing at that one. The Skyline (R33 GTS-t) was definitely mixed emotions, on one hand the car of my dreams, the next a week full of nightmares! What a shame but it would have gone one day, so why get attached to it eh?.... Quite literally get attached LOL. That car became a piece of me for life, almost the big white tunnel.


What brought me back to a GT? After the accident I wanted to be back with a Primera GT (in truth the Skyline scared me) but the injuries sustained stopped me from buying one, hard suspension, proper steering feedback etc, so I opted for an 03 plate Saab 9-3, something with nice ride quality and plenty of airbags LOL. I kept the Saab for about 10 months, the whole time looking for another GT. I travelled all over the country looking for a good example and was getting to the point of despair when I was lucky enough to discover a minty nice example right on my back door. I went to view as soon as I could and the rest is documented on here.


Nissan have always played a big part in my life. My first car was a 1991 "H" reg P10 Primera 1.6 LSX saloon in red (similar to Johnbr6's). It was by far the cheapest car to keep on the road I have ever owned. The bugger was nigh on indestructible. I saw it about 2 years later (after selling) and she was still going strong which put an instant smile on my face. I then traded up 4.5 years later for a Silver 1998 Nissan Primera GT hatchback. It was awesome, it didn't disappoint. I loved that car (she was a quick GT too), it broke my heart when I was made redundant and forced to commute from Lincoln to Pickering for 2.5 years, the mileage mounting up fast too. She travelled every single week without fail, lesser cars wouldn't have coped.


It was time to finally let her go and get a new car. So I bought a 51 plate Mk4 Astra 1.8 Sri – It wasn't even in the same class. The ride was sloppy, the engine sounded more like a sewing machine, what had I done!?!? I kept the Astra for 2 years and then came the ultimate decision..... The Skyline.


Through it all, I don't regret my choices as it has landed me back in the arms of a faithful friend… The Nissan Primera P11 GT. I love the fact that this car still creeps under the radar relatively un-noticed. The engine is one of Nissan's finest in my eyes. 


You have a unique way of modifying your Nissan Primera, everything is always about attention to detail and a lot of your car mods are ones that you’d need to look closely to find, where does your inspiration and train of thought come from?


Ironically this is my first step ever into the modding game; I have never done it to a car before. My 1st Nissan Primera obviously got the stereo etc update but that was pretty much it. This one on the other hand, has been done with gusto LOL, I blame NPOC for this!


I do like and always will like the standard GT look, it’s something that grew on me years before owning one and I always try to keep her looking standard (OE spec).


Throughout the many modifications there has always been 2 people scratching their heads, myself and my dad. I have some truly bizarre ideas at times (silver sparkle, black door handles) and the like but I never rush an idea. I always spend time spit balling the idea with my dad, as we feed off each other. The black door handles were the only change we didn't agree on LOL I wanted ‘em, dad said not. Pig headed son won the argument. After they were finished, my dad came round to them and now he sees why I did it.


Modifying is all about personal preference and being different, it doesn't just mean standing out from the crowd, and it’s what makes you (the owner) happy. I love changing the look of the car, almost to the point that nobody notices LOL. Subtle changes are what I enjoy thinking up, (the black inners to the "Twist" alloys with Nissan decals on is a good example), painted calipers, painted bee-sting, painted vents, it’s all the little things that I take note of and all in an effort to keep my car looking standardish.


Have you ever wanted to create that monster modified Nissan Primera with a big body kit and a loud in your face colour scheme? If not, why not?


I'm not sure were to go with this answer really..... Yes! If money was no problem, I'd love to give the body kit a go, something Veilsidey as their body kits are fantastic. It would be awesome to turn the GT (not mine LOL) into a two door too.  As for colours I would have to say something cool and standout would be nice but again, me being me it would also be a squint to see colour. I think if I had to select a colour option it would have to be...... Wait for it.... Nordic and black flip (if it’s even possible), that would be awesome as I've always fancied a Nordic and I also realise how cool a black car is, (when it’s clean for the 20 mins or so after you finish).


Your father has always been very supportive of you and your car as an ongoing project and he has an active “hands on” approach with helping out too – Has he ever owned a Nissan Primera and why is he so passionate about the brand?


George the sprayer guy! He's never owned a Nissan Primera although he has owned a Sunny, a Bluebird, 3 Almera's and a Micra though LOL. Although the Micra is my mam's but he does enjoy driving it.


My dad has always been behind me in everything I set my sights on, models, golf, and cars, secretly I think he has a soft spot for the GT. My dad is an Old Skool kinda guy, if he can help, he loves too. It's actually hard to keep him away sometimes. Getting him involved is fantastic though, I enjoy our time together now I live away and it’s great to have a good old belly laugh with him, sometimes the air is a bit tense and don't mention the spoiler LOL.  JAE or bust last year, it was nearly bust.


I love both my parents to bits and if the car was a reason for keeping us together, then get me another 20 to work on, that’s how much it means to me.  The car is a project that we both enjoy.


Thank god he can spray too because my spraying skills suck LOL!


There can be no denying that every time you and your late plated P11 GTLE turn out for a club meet, the car is in simply stunning condition. Give us a few tips on how you keep that paintwork so bloody shiny and fresh please!


Thanks firstly and if I had a penny for every time I heard that said, reckon I'd be able to scam a coffee at Marjuba from Prim-n-Proper Martin LOL!


It’s all about representing the club to me, turn up in a nice clean car, shows you made the effort. It’s also nice to have people pass comment on how she looks too as that makes me proud in itself.


In all honesty it takes a lot of my time taking care of the paintwork. Meguiars is pretty much the only thing that comes in contact with the paintwork with the exception of a couple of others.


I have a list as long as your arm - Meguiars Gold class shampoo, (Pink one for shows...JAE), Clay kit, Tech wax, Speed detailer, Ultimate Compound, Paint cleaner, Polish, Carnauba wax and then..... Colour Magic with chipstick, Auto Glym Ultra Deep Shine (couldn't recommend this enough for black cars). That’s it for the paintwork I think LOL.


It’s not just the topside that receives the treatment though, the underside of the car is treated the same way, sanding bit with drill, Hammerite (2 coats), dried fully then sealed with clear wax.


To give you some idea, just before the Thoresby Park meet in 2009, I spent approximately 40 hours preparing the car for the Show ‘n’ Shine competition. I love cleaning, I find it very relaxing and it also keeps my OCD problem under control as well!


Do you ever look at the car when it needs a wash and think “sod it, I’ll do it tomorrow”, or would you be filling up that bucket and rolling up your sleeves?


No big answer here! I say "out with the bucket and get scrubbing". My neighbours must think I have officially lost the plot at times. I have been known to be out at 23:30 on a summers evening giving the car a clean, then sitting on the wall with a cup of tea just admiring it.


Now would be a great time to tell us all about the goodies on your Nissan Primera. Please list your full spec and all modifications, inside and out:


This will most likely surprise a few people here, as I said before my car is pretty hard to tell if it’s been modded at times until I type a list, so here goes:


16" Nissan Almera "Twist" Alloys

Alloy centre caps removed and painted black with silver Nissan decal

Clear indicators all round including R34 side repeaters

Headlight eyebrows

Optic Blue Laminex film covering headlights, front indicators and fogs

6000k HID conversion

LED sidelights

Pearlescent indicator bulbs

Painted red towing eye

Fog light inserts and holders colour coded Kuro black

Bonnet vents colour coded Kuro black

Bee-sting aerial colour coded Kuro black

Rage 4" exhaust (Carbon fibre and Stainless steel)

Momo gear knob

Carbon fibre speedo surround

Chrome rings for speedo, rev, temp and fuel

Carbon fibre GT badge in between rear seats

10 LED red festoon interior light.

Red LED map light bulbs

Red boot bulb

Colour coded door handles (inside)

Chrome interior (pull) handles

Debadged with stealth GT badge on boot

Pioneer MP3 & Ipod compatible head unit

Alpine SXE 1725s speakers front and SXE 69C2 rear 220w (front) and 280w (rear)

Timing advanced to maximum recommended

HKS (Imported) Oil cap

D1 Drift Spec Radiator cap

Carbon fibre battery cover complete with "Insane" decal

K&N flat panel air filter

Stainless steel fuse box covers (left and right)

Stainless steel PAS pot cover

Custom painted Rocker cover & Strut Brace (Gloss red with Silver sparkle)

Painted brake calipers with Nissan decals

Carbon fibre tax disc holder (re-positioned to top left)

Thin black sunstrip (to house owner club decals)

Wing mirror defender strips

MP3 leather pouch on left side of gear console

Nissan Skyline R33 full Beijing mat set complete with centre cover

Self designed / custom painted manifold heat shield cover

GT badged air box (painted)

Insurance approved alarm system


What’s the most enjoyable modification you’ve made so far?


Tough one! Hmmmmmm..... I would say anything that involved both myself and dad as it’s an enjoyable time spent together.


Out and out aesthetic modification, that would have to be the HID conversion.  Truly outstanding, the difference between HID's and Nissan standard lighting is out of this world! It's not even in the same book, great from the inside; cool as sin from the outside.


Have there been any modifications that seemed a good idea when you did them but then you took a step back and didn’t like them and they got lobbed in the skip?


Ooooh No!... OK maybe one LOL! I painted the Primera badge for refitting in electric blue but it came out looking more like peacock blue and looked wildly out of sync with the car. I just stood there laughing while my dad stood shaking his head in disgust as I sized it up to the car LOL. I still have it somewhere as a stark reminder of how not to do it.


If I gave you £500 right now and told you it had to be spent on the car, where would it go?


Another toughie! I would have to say custom seats design, my own idea and I’d maybe change the design from full leather back to half leather and suede trim with something else “Quailyfied “ writing wise.


6 numbers on the Lotto, fill your boots and tell us all what the dream Nissan Primera would be like?


Totally standard in Nordic and black flip with black chrome alloys, with a difference though! A full nut and bolt restoration to the highest possible workmanship, lowered on 17's (fully adjustable set up including sexy camber) and now the kicker - Bore that SR20 out to make it an SR22, forged pistons, race cams (or whatever gives you silly nuts power LOL), headers, air induction (forced), carbon fibre bonnet and just to top it off, a nice big noisy Stage 2 dual screw supercharger with intercooler etc. Estimated round figure of 350 BHP and whine your way around the streets.


Is this car a keeper? If it got nicked tomorrow and the Police found it burnt out, would the insurance pay out go towards another Nissan Primera?


Hell Yeah! After the initial shock of losing my baby has subsided, I now know what I missed all those years ago and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Do you have a pet name for your car?


Who told you!?! "Black Beauty", I did want to change it to “Blacky” but then Tezza told me off LOL.


Time for the quick fire question round!


Coffee or Tea? – Tea 

P10 or P12?  P12

Walk or Run?   Deffo Walk! I was built to last not for speed

Diesel or Petrol?   Petrol - Saab put me off deebles for life

Xbox 360 or PS3?   360

Slippers or Socks?   Socks

Tell us your favourite NPOC car? – This is no word of lie and it was my wallpaper for a good while, essNchill's Nordic (with the gold alloys though) - That looked superb but now he changed them, so I'll have to go with Mark's (Supertourer) but now he's changed his wheels too, I liked them black Dare's! So that then leads me to my final decision. I gotta go Old Skool this time..... Prim-n-Proper (Martins) Silver P10, the wheels, lights etc, everything just works in my opinion.


What’s been your most enjoyable club meet since you’ve been a member here and why?


No hesitation, JAE 2009! I loved it, every minute of it, its’ been the highlight of my time with NPOC. It was excellent to see so many members out representing the marque. What topped it was the atmosphere; the people and out and out family feel by everyone. I can only say thanks for JAE 2009 and bring on a few more.


Why should members get out and about to these club meets?


You don't know what you're missing, honestly. Get yourself out there; discover a whole new side to the owners club. Crank up the BBQ, maybe that’s a bad point eh LOL! You've no idea of what you're missing, unless you've sampled my BBQ. Get out of the house, meet NPOC, have a chat, share a laugh, a drink, a meal or whatever. Discover a friendly bunch of people, cars are a bonus, its all about the people.  Who could ask for anything more?


Tell Carlos Ghosn why he needs to bring back the Nissan Primera brand:


They're yet to turbo a petrol Primera and get some real horsies in there LOL!


Many thanks for telling us all about yourself and your awesome Nissan Primera P11 GTLE Paul - Congratulations once again for winning Car Of The Month for March 2010, truly deserved! Please take centre stage and sing us out of the door, with your thanks for anyone who has helped you get here today.


My biggest thanks have to go out to my parents (Joan & George) and my sister (Shaz), in all honesty I wouldn't be here today without their strength and support.  I've had a rocky life health wise and it’s only with their help that I'm here today to have become a member of the greatest online and offline community in the world.


I truly do love all you guy's and gal's, and it’s been a great time in my life meeting all that I've bumped into along the way. The list of people I could thank is endless on here and I could carry on dropping names till I turn blue in the face.


Without doubt this is the greatest club I could ever be a member of. You have all affected me in some way to lift my spirits, make me laugh, make me sad, make me thankful and as of March 2010.... To make me feel awesomely proud.


A massive thank you to everybody in NPOC! It's been my pleasure to tell you a bit about myself.


Congratulations once again to Paul!

March 2010 COTM - Quaily
Written by essNchill
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