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October 2008 - Bigsydney (P11 144)

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Topic: October 2008 - Bigsydney (P11 144)
Posted By: NPOC_COTM
Subject: October 2008 - Bigsydney (P11 144)
Date Posted: 05 Sep 2008 at 2:22am

Congratulations on winning October 2008 COTM Simon, you and your awesome 144 are fresh ink on the pages of the NPOC Hall Of Fame. How does it feel?

It feels better than I thought it would and a privilege when looking back at some of the awesome Car of the Month winners, to know I'm now one of the lucky few. 

Before we move on and talk about your car, let's talk about you the owner firstly. You've been an NPOC member for a long time now and get out to many meets throughout the year but you're not what we'd call a forum whore. So tell us about yourself.

I am a proud NPOC Bear, 36 (before you ask, that's not my weight) married to Michelle with a son called Kieren. I am an HGV driver which I am giving up to go and work in the workshop, so that I can get to more meetings. I am a member of one other car club which I go to other car meets and shows with. I am not saying I am crap on a computer but I am still trying to put pictures up on the forum, from JAE 2007 / 2008 and Japfest 2007 / 2008. So hoping to have all pictures up by 2009.

How did your Nissan Primera ownership start out? Were you looking specifically to buy a Nissan Primera, or was it a spur of the moment purchase?

I went out to buy a new shape VW Golf GTi and I asked the dealer to take £400 off the asking price, as I had been told he had only paid £3000 when it came in and it was for sale for £4500 (and he had not done a thing to it). He said no, that's the asking price take it or leave it. So just to get the dealer to drop the price, there was a P11 144 which I have never looked at or thought of buying, on the outside of his forecourt which he was selling for a friend. I asked to have a look at it and take it for a test drive, hoping he would drop the Golfs price but within 500 yards of the forecourt I had fallen in love with the 144! The drive, comfort and general look of the car was outstanding. 

So what brought you to these online forums and NPOC and more importantly, how comes you've stayed so long?

I went and had a look on the website just after buying my 144, when I saw a red P11 in Ipswich with a NPOC sticker on, within 25 minutes of looking on the site, I signed up as an Elite member and have never looked back. I have stayed with the club because of all the help and advice and the way you are made so welcome by Caroline (Biojoba) 'the mum of the club'. All the staff and other members have made me and every other person that has joined since, feel very welcome.


Now we know your 144 has some serious modifications all round (more about this in a bit) but can I just ask.. Has modifying cars been a life long thing for you?

Yes, every car I've ever owned I have modified but not all of them to everyones taste, as some might remember the stickers on the side of my 144!


I can't wait anymore.. Time to take a deep breath and list that long list of modifications and all the goodies inside and outside the car.

Engine Bay:

Colour coded and uprated D1 Spec radiator cap
INXX bonnet struts

Strut brace

Induction kit

Nismo oil cap

Red hose dress up kit (with some blue)



Exterior Styling:


Joytuning front & back bumpers

Accord Type R boot spoiler
Colour coded dust caps on wheels
Colour coded roof mounted aerial
Private number plate

Clear side indicators

Sparco mud flaps

Limo black back window tints and light smoke front tinted windows

Front strobes



Alloys & Exhaust:


BK racing 17" alloy wheels

Stainless steel twin Powerflow exhaust from cat back



Interior Styling, ICE and Security:


Carbon fibre look 3 pod pillar mount
Colour coded Razer foot pedals

Chrome & leather gearknob

Pioneer Head unit with cd/dvd - flip out screen

2 built in headrest screens

Reverse camera

Boot fully Dynomatted

Boxed 12" Vibe sub with built in amp

Power cap

LED & strobe lights in boot

Alarm with proximity sensors and blue LED light


When the car was on display at JAE, you left a binder of photographs which has captured the journey from standard car, to the show stopper we see now. In that book of photographs were many things that have been on the car, that we don't see today. Is it trial by error? Or you're a fussy chappie?

Fussy but by trial and error.


So as it stands today, what is your most satisfying modification?

Honda Accord Type R boot spoiler.

You are always surprising us at every club meet. Is the 144 now complete, or will we see something special from you at Ace

Complete at the moment, until something nice on eBay or the club comes up for grabs. 

Do you find that the amount of aftermarket parts available for the 144's in on the increase?

On the increase but only found on non British web sites.

If a stranger knocked on your door right now and gave you £500 cash on the condition you had to spend it on your car within 7 days, what would you do with it?

4 sports race seats and de-tango front headlights (HELP!)..  I?ll be doing away with the back seats, watch this space! 

Gordon Brown announces that all cars are going to be scrapped (hug a dolphin yeah!) and that you can remove just 1 item from your car as a keepsake.. What item are you going to save?

My private plate. 


To finish with - A quick fire question round.. Fingers on buzzers now!

P10 or P12? - P10
Lager, cider or ale? - Cider (Alcopops)

Your dream car (production) if money was no object? -
Sierra Cosworth
Turbo or V8? -
Football or rugby? -
Tell us your favourite NPOC car -
Karl72 (P11 144)

Many thanks for taking the time to let us know all about you and your car Simon. Congratulations once again for winning Car Of The Month for October 2008! Please take the spotlight and light up anyone who has helped you on your journey.
A big thank you to every member of NPOC for help, advice and outright piss taking. To the club as a whole for being a well run family orientated club. Finally a big thanks to the NPOC Staff crew for putting all my posts in their right place for me to find.
October 2008 COTM - Bigsydney
Written by essNchill

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