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Which Nissan Primera do I own?

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Topic: Which Nissan Primera do I own?
Posted By: NPOC_Owners
Subject: Which Nissan Primera do I own?
Date Posted: 22 Feb 2007 at 2:39am
One of the commonly asked questions from our new members and new owners. 

The easiest way to establish what model of Nissan Primera you own, is by paying close attention to the location of the front grille and it's shape.

There are differences around the world between the shape of front grilles.

The Infiniti G20 and some JDM models such as the Primera Camino, traditionally have one piece (open mouth style) grilles, which differ from the UK models - BUT the grille will still be in the same position regardless.

In the following photos, we've highlighted where the grille is and shown examples of the type of grille and given some foot notes that should clear up any confusion.
Nissan Primera P10:
The Nissan Primera P10 has a front grille which is NOT part of the bonnet - Here it is in standard UK form:

Here we see the same car sporting an "open mouth" grille:

** On a Nissan Primera P10 - The grille is NOT part of the bonnet, it is a separate part **
Nissan Primera P11:
On a Nissan Primera P11, the grilles are inset / part of the bonnet. The design of the UK grilles on a P11 differ between the GT and NON GT models.

Here is an example of a Nissan Primera P11 GT:

Here is an example of the NON GT bonnet grilles on a P11:

Here is an example of an open mouth bonnet grille on a P11:

** IN all cases of any grille on a Nissan Primera P11 - It will always be part of the actual bonnet **

Nissan Primera P11 144:
Thankfully the Nissan Primera P11 144 was a face lift version of the P11 and is easily identified. The headlight shape / bonnet shape / bumper design are all VERY different to the P10 & P11.

Again the grilles are part of the bonnet. In standard form, the bonnet and grilles look like this:

Some people modify their grilles and remove the bars across the centre of the grilles, here is an example of that:

** The P11 144 is easily identified, the front end was changed / face lifted from the earlier models **

Nissan Primera P12:
The latest and last edition of the Nissan Primera - Sporting a completely new design from the ground up, the P12 has no resemblance to any of the previous models!! It is unique.

Only 1 photo needed as an example here:

** If your car looks like this - You have a Nissan Primera P12 **

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