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Forum Guidelines / Rules

Printed From: Nissan Primera Owners Club
Category: General Open Forums - NO TRADING!
Forum Name: Forum Announcements & Help
Forum Discription: Announcements & Help Only
Printed Date: 16 Apr 2024 at 7:46am

Topic: Forum Guidelines / Rules
Posted By: NPOC_Owners
Subject: Forum Guidelines / Rules
Date Posted: 12 Feb 2007 at 12:39am

Welcome to NPOC - Home of the Nissan Primera Owners Club

We pride ourself on being an active and friendly community, both offline and on.

Here's the rules we play by, when you're online.

1. Absolutely NO TRADING / SELLING / BUYING or WANTED threads in the General Public Sections or via Private Message if you are a non paying  member.

The General Public Sections are the following Forum Sections:

New Members
Nissan Primera Help & Queries
Spotted Section
Meetings & Events
NPOC Car Of The Month
Cars For Sale

You can ask for help or advice, but wanting to buy or sell something.. No!

In this instance, your thread may be edited or removed from the boards.

Your membership may also be suspended or you may be banned permanently!
By NO TRADING in the General Public Sections - This covers (for those of you in doubt), the use of eBay and indeed any online auction house or online links to where any item may be for sale. If something is for sale or has been for sale.. By linking to it, you are demonstrating TRADING. NO LINKS! If in doubt (still), don't link up!

We also do NOT allow LINKS ADVERTISING items or products for sale, in forum signatures!
By NO TRADING in the Private Messaging system - This clearly means do NOT attempt to buy or offer goods or services privately.

If you are a paying member - You are NOT allowed to trade via PM with a NON paying member! Don't be stupid or greedy.

Trading via PM's when not permitted to, will get you instantly banned.
2. Thread / Topic Titles in the Nissan Primera Help & Queries Section.
When making a new thread in the Nissan Primera Help & Queries Section ONLY, please always include your model of car and a brief description of your question / problem. For instance:
"Need help" = NOT an acceptable thread title.

"Nissan Primera Question" = NOT an acceptable thread title.
"Nissan Primera P10 Need help with radio" = Congratulations, you got it!
Please always start your thread title with the words "Nissan Primera Pxx followed by a brief description" - This helps you get the help you need and quickly, we all drive different models of Nissan Primera etc.

If you do NOT know what your model of Primera is (P10 / P11 / P11 144 / P12), please see this topic, which will clearly identify your model:" rel="nofollow -
Threads with incorrect titles in the "Nissan Primera Help & Queries" Section will be removed.
3. Street Racing / Bragging.
We are a responsible owners club and DO NOT endorse or encourage any of our members to engage in racing anything on the public highway. Racing should be kept to the correct environment (the race track).
Any threads or posts in the General Public Sections, mentioning that you have raced or beaten another vehicle, will be REMOVED. It's not big, it's not safe and it's certainly NOT clever!
4. Posting offensive or irrelevant material.
Any offensive threads will be removed. Any posts deemed irrelevant to the actual thread, may be deleted or edited. Any threads made in the incorrect section will be moved to the correct section.
We do not allow any pornographic images on the forums, nor do we allow any links to pornographic websites.  If in doubt, don't post it up.

In this instance, your thread may be edited, removed from the boards, or moved to the correct section. Your post / thread may also be viewed as against the community spirit (see below!).

5. Community spirit.

We are a community and we all try to get on. Yes there will be times when someone disagrees with someone else (we're all human), but we're not kids in a playground. So before anyone wants to start a flame war, or incite one - THINK VERY CAREFULLY. Negative personal comments towards a member will NOT be accepted. Constructive criticism is fine, all out nastiness or inciting a flame war is NOT.

In this instance, your thread or posts may be deleted - You also face a very strong chance of having your membership suspended (you will be notified), or completely removed immediately without warning (meaning a permanent ban). If a paying member gets permanently banned, they will NOT be entitled to any refund of their membership / subscription fee.

Please don't be a prat and get yourself banned over a difference of opinion, or because you think it's easier to be the big man, sat on the other side of a computer screen. We pride ourselves here at NPOC, as a very friendly community!
6. Off topic posts / Spam and drunken toss.
Please try and keep all threads on topic, as best you can - These threads benefit us all etc. Off topic posts may be removed.
No one likes reading spam in threads or actual pointless spam threads, this includes coming on the forums when you're bladdered and making yourself look like a tit. The Moderating team are NOT here to clean up your random mess! Any threads / posts removed under these circumstances are subject to the same rules stated in point 4 (above).
7. Text talk or type on the forums.
Please save the txt generation lazy arsed typing, for your mobile text messages or MSN etc. If you can't find the time to post in the correct manner, using full words and their correct spelling - Don't bother posting at all. The Moderating team don't have time to edit your posts so that members can understand what you just typed out, so they'll most likely just get deleted.
Common use of online abbreviations such as:
LOL, PMSL, FTW and so on are absolutely fine.
8. Thread bumping.
Nice easy one to get your heads around here - If your thread is on page 1 of the section, then DO NOT bump it!!
9. Membership of other online forums & Groups.
The majority of us belong to several online forums and groups and that is absolutely fine. However we will NOT accept negative posts made against NPOC by any of it's members, on other forums or online groups. It's a simple no brainer - If you're a member here and you want to go slagging NPOC elsewhere, then obviously you no longer wish to be part of our community.

In this instance, your membership from NPOC will be immediately removed without warning.

10. Avatars and Signatures.

The maximum permitted size for a Forum Signature is 700 X 150 pixels.
No erotic or pornographic avatars are allowed. No rude or offensive avatars either - Please remember we are a public forums.
Please be mindful of file sizes.  We have a size limit of 30Kb for Avatars and 80Kb for Signatures.  This will ensure the forum remains fast for all users regardless of connection speed.
Whilst we have Flash enabled on these forums, it is only to be used for posts - Flash based signatures are NOT allowed.
Signatures must NOT be used to advertise any website where items are for sale or services are charged for (i.e. commercial or retail), or be used to poach our member base in anyway, shape or form.
Any breaches of the above and your signature or avatar will be removed.
11. Advertising other websites / forums / social groups in your posts.
Please be respectful that the club owners here spend a lot of time and effort making sure we get a lot of members through our doors. The last thing we want is them going elsewhere!
We do NOT allow straight out or blatant advertising of ANY website, forum or club that may impact our membership base. If you believe you have a website of interest to our members, please contact our Moderating Team or Admin Team.
All posts advertising any websites, forums or clubs will be removed.

12. Your forum login details and your responsibility.

Only you know your forum username and more importantly your password. This forum software features the highest possible security measures in ANY known forum software. The forums have NEVER been hacked etc.

There are NO excuses here - Your login credentials are your responsibility at ALL times.

We have always allowed our members partners to have a "partners account", where we will give that partner account full and free access to the forums, as long as the other partner is a paying member. There is no reason why your partner should be using your forum login to post.

If you believe your forum account has been jeopardised, it is your responsibility to contact the Club Staff ASAP.

If any member allows another person to log in as them (which means you have given them the password and moreso your permission) and any problems occur because of this, the member who owns the username will be instantly and permanently banned from the the forums.

All that said and done, enjoy NPOC - The guidelines / rules are simple enough.

If you have any problems or issues on the forums, please contact our Moderating Team or Admin Team.

Enjoy your time with us.

Many thanks" rel="nofollow -

PLEASE NOTE: Private Messages sent to this Admin Account are NOT read or replied to.

Club Membership / Enquiries:
Please see the Join the NPOC Section!

Anything else: Contact essNchill

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