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December 2005 - Fossyant (P12)

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Topic: December 2005 - Fossyant (P12)
Posted By: NPOC_COTM
Subject: December 2005 - Fossyant (P12)
Date Posted: 16 Jun 2007 at 2:33am

Congratulations go to Anthony (Fossyant) for winning Car of the Month for December 2005.

His awesome P12 SVE is a prime example of how good the twelve looks!!

Well done Anthony, how does it feel to win Car of the Month?

Erm, rather surprised actually, as one it's a P12, and two, not very modded. Although it's very well looked after and every extra I can get for it has almost been done so far. Very chuffed to have been voted, and hopefully I'd like to impress a few people with the car, despite the external looks, it's a really good mota to drive.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself before we discuss the car?

Well I'm almost 36 years young (ahem) married for 10 years with a little boy of 5 and a girl of 2 and a half. I'm an accountant for a water utilities contractor, very busy job, sometimes stressful, but a great friendly atmosphere and we all generally get on (makes a change doesn't it) !

Thanks for that, what made you choose to buy a P12, is this your first Primera? Can you talk us through what spec an SVE comes with?

Well binned my previous job (as we all do) and a new Alfa 147 2.0 Selespeed company car (that was hard) and was doing some temporary work, but using the wifes Yaris. After a few weeks realised we did need two cars so choice was a family car, reliable = Nissan Primera. My wife had had a Micra K10 SGX for some years prior to the Yaris,  that was a great reliable car, then I'd had a K11 1.3 Super S in a pearl green/blue/grey with 7 spoke alloys, loved that to bits.

Started searching for either a P11 GT with the multi spokes (only found out some time later that this is the GT SE/LE from the forum) or a P11-144 Sport/Sport+.

Saw some good prices, went to a car supermarket near to me, walked in showroom, saw the P12, loved it but out of budget. Looked at the 144's they had but weren't quite in the colour I wanted and the ones they had were all same age as the 12 and not much cheaper. Bit the bullet after test driving them and here we are. That was Jan 2003 and I've almost had it 3 years, it was a year old when I got it !

Spec of a SVE goes (ignoring the obvious) - full electrics (windows etc), 7" widescreen TFT with full integration of all car controls audio/climate/nav/drive info, premium 7 speaker audio including sub, reversing camera (very trick and useful as the rear view is poo when nearing walls), 3D Birdview satellite navigation, auto windscreen wipers, auto dim rear view mirror, electronic child locking doors/windows, 17" alloys etc. etc. Full of boys toys !!!!

Cool spec!! How did you come to find NPOC?

Was looking for bits etc, did a search and it popped up as one of the first hits, haven't looked back since June 2003.

The P12 model sometimes comes in for some stick from the P10 and P11 faithful, does this bother you at all?!

Nah, the lads/lasses just need to drive one for a bit, the toys alone impress. All fairly friendly banter. As a looker the P12 isn't from the front or back, but a nice side profile! Build quality is good despite a few Renault sourced parts issues.

Have you made any modifications to your twelve?

Oiled K&N Panel filter, so far so good with the MAF on over 25k
CD Auto changer in boot
Mats and flaps !!!
Philips Blue Vision Ultra headlamps, sidelamps and number plate lamps
Philips Silver vision indicators
Nissan Boot spoiler, not seen any other P12 with one !!!
Radar Detector ahem ! (vital these days! - SC)
Serviced every 6 months and use NGK plugs as instructed by the NPOC crew.

We all know you like to keep your twelve super clean, any polishing tips for the rest of us!?

Well I get some serious ripping at work because the car is so clean, especially with two kids. Wash every week including inside door sills, more often in salty conditions, I know it sounds mad, but doesn't take long if you do it regularly. Wax every 3 months or so max ? use Autoglym Super Resin for major polishes or Turtle Wax Colour stuff for quick ones. Just found the Turtle Wax Platinum stuff with carnuba wax etc, wow this gives a real good shine, but you need to have a clean/recently polished mota. Plastics and tyres/rubber, Back to Black or similar !!!!! Every week!! Wheels, good old car wash and a brush or Turtle Wax Extreme (flo. Green containers) for really dirty wheels. Good jet wash underneath every week in winter !! Quick hoover out every week or so.

Do I sound this mad????..

Excellent tips!! If money were absolutely no object, what modification would you love to make to the twelve?

One of the body kits from japan, SR20VE (not done by me, don't have the time or knowledge), big 19" alloys, lowered!. ah one can wish

Anything currently in the pipeline for the car, I love exclusives!?

Looking at an Apexi air filter, need to get rid of the oiled filter, and maybe a Laguna splitter from the Mk 1 facelift model (as fitted to Craig's 144 SE plus recently), someone said they fit !!!! Maybe eyebrows if I ever find any !!!!

Congratulations for winning Car of the Month, your P12 SVE is a top motor and an example of top twelveness! Please give your shouts and thanks to anyone you feel is deserving:

Basically everyone, because of the help I've had, I thought the club deserved my elite membership, really worth the £4 per month. Really nice to meet Paul (Crazy) and his P12 and of course Andy (Norm) who followed me up to the Leeds meet earlier this year, and of course everyone in Temple Newsham that weekend !!!

Cheers (P.S. P12's Rule !!!)

Car of the Month December 2005 - Anthony (Fossyant) P12 SVE

Written by Stevie-Boy

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