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October 2009 - NPOC @ JAE

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Topic: October 2009 - NPOC @ JAE
Posted By: NPOC_COTM
Subject: October 2009 - NPOC @ JAE
Date Posted: 28 Sep 2009 at 12:01am

Congratulations for October 2009 go to...................

ALL THE NPOC GUYS AND GALS (and their guests) who represented on the NPOC stand at JAE 2009!


In this special Feature Of The Month (to replace our traditional COTM), we'll try bloody hard to look back and take it all in (again), as we review the club cars, club members, club activities and well... Just review it all! This feature is purely one dedicated to the NPOC and what we did at JAE!


Anyways.. WELL DONE to all of you who were there, you did the Club proud! You'll see photos of the NPOC cars splattered all over the place in here.. They looked amazing!


The Intro:


JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza) is a long standing Jap car meet and over the years has grown from what was originally a weekend get together for some Old Skool Datsuns, to the biggest annual Jap car meet outside of Japan!!


The whole event runs from Thursday through to Sunday.


What you'll find at JAE is the UK's finest Jap Car Clubs (and some from Europe too), their members chilling out and a few thousand serious Jap cars!



The meet was still held in September (changed from July in 2007) and the Jap car Gods made sure we were blessed with glorious sunshine each day and plenty of sun burn at night, to help us through the chilly tenting! We have a massive club stand at JAE and we all camp directly it and socialise on it for the whole event.. We lovingly call it the "NPOC Village"! We had around 70 club cars on display and our numbers (members and guests) totalled around 100!





For some of the Club members (the Elites), JAE started early on the Thursday. The Club Owners had invited the Elite members to join us a day early, so that they could help us with the stand setup and also enjoy a private party… The party was to say thanks from the Club Owners for all the Elites give to the club.



The Thursday night party went on late into the morning and we had some ugly looking members come sun up on Friday (when I say ugly, I mean uglier than normal!) Friday was the official day for JAE to start and the rest of the club arrived through out the day and early evening.




Friday saw the start of the JAE sporting / inter club events as well.. Every year at JAE they have events that encourage the many car clubs to take part, this year NPOC entered everything we could.. Why not I guess, you were all up for it and so we arranged it.


Friday only had the one event and that was the karting! This was the 1st year JAE had held an inter club karting event (mainly due to this being the 1st year JAE was held anywhere with karts!).. The competition was eagerly awaited (as was the format).. In the end the JAE organisers went with a 2 person team per club (1 male / 1 female) and a clever twist of a clothing change midway through the race! It was more a comedy fun event, than a flat out pro kart event and was better for it too.








We didn’t win anything here but it was funny as hell watching and our team did us proud!!


The rest of the day was also taken up with the members spending hours detailing their cars and bringing them up to an incredible standard for viewing.



Friday night was spent chilling out in the NPOC village.




This is pretty much the “all systems go” day! The public roll in through the gates to check out the cars and the clubs lock horns and continue the sporting battles, including the JAE official Show ‘n’ Shine competition. I’ll cover all of this in more detail below.



In between all of that, the NPOC members also found time to continue prepping their cars, for the public viewing and also the NPOC competition.


As mentioned above, we also held our own annual car judging competition on the Saturday on the NPOC stand, the cars were absolutely stunning!! It was constantly mentioned that judging and voting was just soooooooo hard, because the cars were so evenly matched.



The NPOC Sporting Teams:


We entered teams and individuals into every event at JAE and before we cover any of that.. MAHOOSIVE RESPECT to all of you who represented the club here.. AND a big shout out to all of the remaining members, who supported from the sidelines too!


The Footie – Again we entered two 5 a side teams:



The Tug Of War – You should all know that the NPOC (and their team know as the Bears), were defending JAE Tug Of War champions from JAE 2008, so the Bears were hyped up and bigger than before to keep that title! To make it even harder for them, we entered a second team this year, “the Cubs”.





Bears Vs Cubs:

It is with great pleasure that I can announce and remind you all… The NPOC Bears won the competition for the 2nd year in a row and retain their title as JAE Tug Of War champions!! They also bagged a very nice trophy (as well as individual medals) for being the winning team.


Special mention to the NPOC Cubs, as the hardest pull the Bears had, was against the Cubs.



The Car Pull – We entered this for the 1st time this year and not satisfied with winning the TOW competition or tired from it either.. “JC#79” picked up the rope and pulled the Nissan! He won that as well!!




Bungee Running – Not sure if I’ve got the name of this event correct, as it was last minute event at JAE.. But anyways, strap yourself to a bungee rope, jump on an inflatable castle and off you go!! One of our member’s guests (son) “Andy”, was honoured to be chosen for this event and got stuck in.




Gladiator Jousting – After I had bagged “Andy” for the above event, I figured I’d also bag his old man for another event too.. So without any hesitation “Shadow” stood up to the plate and represented the club here.




Tyre Endurance – A strangely named event for this one, seeing as there were no tyres LOL (there were last year and I guess the name just stuck) but anyways, “Lurch” gave it his best at holding up the tyres (I mean springs) but there was no win for us here.

“JC#79” who was just standing around, asked the organizers if he could have a go (just for fun).. They agreed and he beat everyone else at that as well.. Sadly no trophy for that, it was an unofficial entry etc.


Jap Eating Competition – This was the 2nd year for this event and we had member “Tsunaii” step up to the plate (pun down!) and represent the club. Personally I missed this event sadly and more sad is the fact that we have had no photos appear of her taking part? If anyone has a photo please get in touch as I’d love to add it.



At the same time as the sporting events were taking place, 6 of our members (with super shiny and sexy cars), rolled into the official JAE Show ‘n’ Shine competition. They were entered into the Nissan Group (unsurprisingly!). We all know the score with what can be expected with Primera's in the JAE Show ‘n’ Shine and I guess we weren’t disappointed with the outcome! No win for any of our guys until attitudes and opinions throughout the universe change! BUT a massive thanks to you 6 for taking part, you represented NPOC and your cars were outstanding.



Once all the official JAE events had finished, the NPOC guys and gals returned to the club stand and everyone got handed out the NPOC judging form, to judge the cars on our stand.



This is our own club competition and EVERY member who has a car on the stand could win a trophy. What makes this a special event is that the judging is done by the members. Anyone who won anything can be happy that they won it, due to the admiration and respect of their fellow members.


The votes were counted up and shortly after the club BBQ in the early evening, the NPOC awards ceremony took place.


The trophies were presented as always by "essNchill" and here's the categories and your winners:



Best P10 and winner of the trophy was: Sprint

2nd place - Tom-P10

3rd place - prim-n-proper


Best P11 and winner of the trophy was: JC#79

2nd place - rhinop11

3rd place - Angel1


Best P11-144 and winner of the trophy was: Yogi

2nd place - Kitfar

3rd place - Stonegrey


Best P12 and winner of the trophy was: Tran$porter

2nd place - bigsydney

3rd place - David (Stevie-Boy's guest)


Best OE / Standard Spec and winner of the trophy was: Ant-Dat

2nd place - naughtynorm

3rd place - Quaily


Best Show & Shine and winner of the trophy was: MysticMike

2nd place (TIE) - Shadow & Quaily

3rd place - Angel1


Best Primera on stand and winner of the trophy was: JC#79

Runner Up and also receiving a trophy was: rhinop11


A big well done to all of you.
There was also a private NPOC trophy up for grabs at JAE as well!! Members "Nookie" & "MysticMike", who both drive gorgeous P11 GTSE's, decided to have a competition to see who would bag the most votes for having the shiniest Mystic on the stand. They paid for their own trophy and a show of hands by the members... Announced "MysticMike" as the winner - It was very close though! Here's the winner bagging his trophy:

Straight after we were done giving out trophies on the NPOC stand, the club legged it over to the main hall for the official JAE awards ceremony! After all, we had 2 club trophies collect.


Here are the NPOC Bears picking up their medals and Tug Of War trophy.



“JC#79” picking up his trophy for the Car Pull.



We were just about to exit the hall (some had already left) when out of nowhere, the announcer mentioned NPOC winning another trophy!! No one really knew what this was about (mainly because we weren’t expecting it)… Without any hesitation “Biojoba” headed for the stage and bagged the trophy..



Followed closely by “essNchill” and then a stampede of NPOC’rs!!



It was only afterwards that we figured out we had won the trophy, called “It’s A Knockout”, because NPOC had won more of the sporting events than any other club!! We were made up.


The trophies and the club returned to the NPOC stand and the partying started and went on through the night.

Charity Fund Raiser at JAE (and also afterwards):
"Ant-Dat" came to the Club Owners before JAE and asked if he could raise some money at JAE for a charity dealing with Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). He recently lost his father to this rare illness. We were happy to support and back this one.
Using his mechanical and technical knowledge of Nissans, "Ant-Dat" performed some diagnostics and alterations on our cars for a small donation. Both NPOC and the NCN took part in this over the weekend.
The total amount raised at JAE was £500
With the few weeks since JAE and some more donations coming in, the total stands at £700 - AWESOME!
Big big thanks to all involved and all who donated.

The Nissan Club Nederland (NCN):


In 2008, we invited the NCN members over to the NPOC village as our guests, we had such a great time with them, it only seemed right to have them back again!! Their numbers had increased for 2009 (great to see) and so Saturday night they were invited to the club party!! Here they are:

The NCN also presented a pair of mighty fine clogs to "essNchill" as a thank you from them (to us as a club) for our hospitality:
Here's their feedback and some quotes from the NCN Members:

"DaMasterPNut" wrote: "I had a great JAE again, just like last year!! Many thanks to all NPOC'ers who gave us another warm welcome. Really, you guys rule! An especially a lot of respect to Shaun's misses for all the cooking, well done. Cheers to everbody"


"Sylver84" wrote: "What a great weekend, really was bloody great to share this with you all. Caroline, Shaun, G, ANT, Ade all off you, many many thanks, you make the whole crew right at home. I will be back next year."


"RikP10eGT" wrote: "I felt immediately welcome into your club and talked with some of you guys. Many thanks for the BBQ Saturday. I hope to see you all again next year. I can't say it enough but I was amazed this weekend and this wasn't my last JAE for sure."


"Jano" wrote: "It was one hell of a weekend!! Once again many thanks to NPOC for the open welcome! A special thanks to Shaun and Caroline for the cooking! Really had a blast, just like last year! Looking forward to next year! I can't wait!!"


"Jeroen_NX" wrote: "The others mentioned it earlier but it can't be said enough: A very big thank you to all of you guys for inviting us over on Saturday night again. We had a blast (again..) and will be there next year, hopefully with more people and more cars."



The NPOC pets:


A special mention to the dogs here… Max and JD, great to have them with us all weekend.









The last day of JAE for us all! It's always a sad one, as we all know JAE is ending and we're gonna be packing away the tents and loading the cars up and then having to wait another whole year. We get the morning started off well, with bacon butties and fresh juice for all.. Then it's just a matter of time until the clear up starts. Some left early to avoid the traffic, others stayed as long into the day as they could.



The food, beer and fun:


Every year we do a catering option for the members and we keep it cheap too! £10 of your finest gold coins bought you: Unlimited tea / coffee for the whole event, as much beer / wine / coke as you could drink on Saturday night and a BBQ. Still hungry on Sunday morning? Well we also made you all bacon rolls as well! £10 bargain and if you were an Elite Member, well that was a freebie for you.


"Biojoba" & "essNchill" took on the yearly task of catering for the club as always and were assisted by many members. Special thanks to all the members who helped cook, carry the supplies and clean up - Thank you!


So let's take a look at the chilling / drinking and just having fun and forget the cars, I'll also close this feature with some quotes and feedback directly from you guys and gals who were there..




"barrakuda" wrote: "I had a cracking time, well, yeah, it was fooking marvellous, seems to be said every year, but this was the best JAE so far."



"p11sr20" wrote: "Was a fantastic turnout and great to see the familiar faces along with some new ones. A massive thanks to the Admin team for making the event possible and catering for us all and a special thanks to NPOC "mum" Simpson for making sure we were all fed and watered, for the entire weekend. Lastly a big thanks and respect for everyone that made the trip and made the weekend what it was."



"dyp" wrote: "Just like to say thanks to everyone for a great weekend, This being mine and Gemma's first JAE. Could not of asked for a better weekend, perfect weather great food, great company. Big special thanks to all the NPOC staff for all the effort they put in."



"bigsydney" wrote: "Nice weather all weekend, the Bears win 2 years running and a big thanks to all that made us feel welcome."



"Katie" wrote: "Awesome weekend in the most part as usual. Love the venue, couldn't fault it really... top stuff. Big well done to all the winners, of the club trophys and the bears too of course. Big thanks to the staff and most of all Caroline for making sure everyone was happy and well looked after. Lovely to meet all the NCN members at last too."



"yogi" wrote: "Another awesome JAE weekend, this being my third it just gets better and better catching up with all my friends and new members and of course the Dutchies. Admin should get a massive mention all to their own as they did another outstanding job putting it all together. Thanks to Mrs Simpson as again she done an amazing job cooking as did her helpers."



"MysticMike" wrote: "Excellent weekend. Big thanks to everyone involved,  the cleaners, cookers, smilers, laughers, drinkers, VOTERS and WINNERS woo hoo!"



"Jonny-Young" wrote: "Awesome time guys being my first show it really was a good one, I can't wait till next year now. A massive thanks to all the admin staff and Caroline as said before and not to mention the NCN boys too. It was a huge turnout of primeras and some very nice ones too. Big respect to everyone for making me feel welcome too. That's all from me cheers for a brilliant JAE 2009."



"dagger" wrote: "Had a crackin weekend, not many pics as i was half cut most of the time. Thanks to everyone who turned up, wouldn't have been the same without you all."



"GavMc P11GT" wrote: "I'd like to thank you all for a truely excellent J.A.E - I thoroughly enjoyed it."



"twelve" wrote: "Massive thanks from me and Terri for making our first JAE great. Huge thanks to the admins for organising it and every other member for being there. Was a great atmosphere all weekend, even when I was hungover every morning."



"stonegrey" wrote: "All I can say is What an awesome weekend! Thanks to all the NPOC staff who organised the food and drink for us all weekend."



"Quaily" wrote: "I would firstly like to thank all NPOC staff and members for making this such a superbly smooth JAE 2009.  There was plenty of food and drink (even if I was outcast as the tea drinker).... not drinking doesn't stop me enjoying myself.  It was my 1st JAE and will most certainly not be the last.  Shaun and Caroline are star's in my eyes as they always seem to be making sure everyone is having a great time.  Even without the cars and food I swear NPOC would still have a brilliant weekend.  Its the people that make this club what it is.... friendly, family like individuals all having a laugh, chat and enjoying the atmosphere...... AWESOME stuff peep's. There were stacks of Primera's ALL presented to a great standard and made me very proud to be included amongst them. Roll on 2010..... count me in. THANKS!"



"naughtynorm" wrote: "thanks from me and the kids, both had a cracking time."



"Blue" wrote: "Massive thanks to all concerned particularly Shaun, Caroline, Ade, G and my fellow staff dudes. Many thanks to all those that helped at the bbq and, for that matter assisted in anyway to making this one of the best JAE's ever! Really pleased I met everyone that I did. I hope everyone enjoyed thoroughly."



"gizzmo" wrote: "Thanks a lot guys for an amazing weekend it was really good and the games was kool too and I made a cracking goal in football but didnt win, was good to get to know more people. I had a laugh and can't wait for next year as I know what to expect. Many thanks for this great weekend and thanks to you all for making it as good as it was!! So roll on JAE 2010, hope to see you all soon."



"doz_SR20" wrote: "It was a savage weekend, my first JAE and Sammi and I loved every minute of it. Really got to know a lot of you better, and meet some of you that I hadn't before. Thanks everyone for making us welcome and making it such a good weekend, definatley looking forward to next year! The quality of our stand and the cars on it was top notch too, everyone putting in the effort to make the cars look their best too! Top stuff!"



"shade" wrote: "It was an awesome weekend again. Thanks to everyone who made it such a success."



"prim-n-proper" wrote: "I just wanted to say thanks to everyone really, I had a fantastic time this weekend, it was down to everyone being so friendly and all the lovely food and drink. So big thanks to all the staff who organised it."



"Mark" wrote: "Great weekend guys!"



"P12DMR" wrote: "I had a great time and so thanks to all."



"supertourer" wrote: "Great weekend guys, big thanks to everyone involved."



"shadow" wrote: "This was my first JAE and will certainly not be my last. I can't remember when I last laughed as much, my ribs are still sore now, so a massive thanks to you all for making this a very special weekend for Andy & myself.  Another massive thanks to Caroline and Shaun who never stopped all weekend, you must be knackered you guys, also to all the other helpers and organisers, and everyone else. Last but not least the guys who were close to us in the tents, you know who you are, we were in tears sometimes with laughter!  Thanks again roll on next year."



"cornishprimmie" wrote: "Just want to say thanks to everyone, all the admin team, shaun and Caroline, and all the people who came for making it such a memorable weekend!! Going for stomps (careful Shaun!!), meeting all the people who I've felt like I've known for ages on here and waking up every morning feeling like I'd been trampled by a rampaging horse!! Fantastic!! Just a brilliant weekend!!"



"Demon_Driver" wrote: "Thanks to all who made the weekend possible and to all those who made me laugh."



"johnbr6" wrote: "This as is with many this year was my first JAE. Was not sure what to expect other than loads of motas and stuff. Was the best weekend I've had in ages."



"SPEEDFREAK" wrote: "Fantastic weekend, JAE just gets better and better! Big thanx to the staff team for organizing and making the stand what it is, awesome job. NPOC defiantly seems to have the best club spirit and support that is unrivalled by any other club i saw at JAE which is just great, roll on next year!"



"Stevie-Boy" wrote: "Had a great time this year, great to be back at JAE. Huge thanks to Shaun, Caroline and Ade for all they have done, their organisation makes that event what it is. It was great to meet everyone that I met, apologies to anyone I didn't meet, I can be a shy one at meets!  Everyone was really nice to me marra Dave aswell and as testimony to the club, he said how amazed he was at the level of organisation and the turnout and just how big the club is. Looking forward to next year.....!"



"Snowy" wrote: "Awsome JAE weekend as always. A big thanks to Ade for the setting up & cleaning up at the end, Caroline (NPOC mum) for looking after everyone & cooking the mountain of burgers & bacon, Shaun, G & all the other admin staff who have work hard to make the weekend the sucess it always is. Oh & not forgetting the all club members who took part in the inter club games."



"kitfar" wrote: "Guys and gals, I can't put into words what this weekend has been like again, NPOC are a family, cars or no cars!"



"RocketMan" wrote: "WOT A WEEKEND......... didnt take many pics or av a good look around the site Coz I was avvin too much fun on the NPOC stand. Thanks to NPOC Mum fer organising & cookin the Grub and keepin us nutters all fed fer the weekend! Not much else to say really wot hasnt been said ROLL on 2010"



"modsman" wrote: "WOW .. what a weekend .. had the most fun i have had for 2 years ... nice to meet everyone again .. thanks to NPOC mum and shaun for looking after everyone .. and the rest of the staff too .. loved the food ..and the drink .. though i think i may have overdone it a little last night .. still hung over .. looking forward to next years show ... need to book the time off when i get into work"



"Biojoba" wrote: "Guys n gals you made my weekend at JAE the best ever so thank you so much. I am having so much touble speaking as my voice box is broken but it was worth it. I am so proud of you all for turning up and taking part in our amazing club ( NPOC RULES )."



"Lurch" wrote: "Another JAE been and gone....It's just not long enough!! Big thanks to everyone (again) for making JAE what it is...and testament to us all for the state of the stand throughout the weekend! Thanks to Caroline for making the difficult task of feeding, watering and cleaning up after us all relentlessly look easy! Admin and staff for putting on this great event every year...."



"nookie" wrote: "Wow wow wow what a weekend, the best show me and my family have ever done, and we have done a few! Every 1 is a winner , top cars, even better group of friends and a fantastic club. Many many thanks to shaun, mum, ant, geeee, ade and all the staff. I can't wait to see every 1 again. thank you all from the bottom of my heart."



"gibsonmandela" wrote: "just like to say a big thanks to every1 of the owners for sorting such a great weekend out! I will defo be there next year as I enjoyed every minute of it!!! Once again cheers."



"riggsy99" wrote: "Hi guys. well what can I say. The best meeting I've been to and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. A massive thank you has to go out to the whole admin team for the organisation of such a cracking meeting. Another big thanks goes to Cazza for the stupendous cooking over the whole weekend, much appreciated. Cracking weather through out. Good to hook up with everyone in the NPOC and also the guys from NCN. I am really looking forward to next year when hopefully Lisa can come too. Cheers all!!"



"aryzalp" wrote: "I had an awesome time, great to meet up with people I'd met before and lovely to meet those I hadn't! The usual thanks to all the guys who organised it for the club, ran it while we were there and cleared up afterwards! You did an awesome job, of course."



"EVOGT" wrote: "This years JAE was one of the best for me (hope we can have the same venue next year), was just gutted I couldnt have a car there, maybe next year. It was awesome to see everyone again and the standard of the cars this year was second to to nun and I'm so proud of each and every one of you for doing such a good job."



"Reality" wrote: "We had a splendid time. Many thanks to Shaun and Rich for making it possible at such short notice.  The Rum was made as a thank you to everyone for making NPOC the way it is. A bunch of friendly folks willing to help each other at any time. Thank you to everyone."



"davep11gt" wrote: "WOW!! What a great weekend it was! this was my first big meet and I'd just like to say thanks to all the members who made me feel welcome! Was great to finally meet some new faces as well as the few I already knew. I know I can be a quiet one till ive sunk a few tins of 'Bow!! A massive thanks to the club staff for organising and looking after us all."



"texgt" wrote: "Hi guys just like to say had a brill time at my first J.A.E. met loads of very nice people cars were all stunning. Big thanks to Shaun and Caroline for the food and drinks. I can't wait to get my GT there in 2010. Thanks again for a great weekend!"



"DENNYBOY" wrote: "Had a great weekend at JAE and was great to meet everyone and put names to faces. First up I have to thank the admin team for sorting this meet out, Ade for all his help and bloody hard. Big thanks to Shaun and Caz for all the hard work and effort to make sure everyone was fed and watered (well pissed) over the weekend. Big respect to Npoc as a club for raising the £500 for Ant to give to charity, I wonder how many clubs did that this weekend!!!! Roll on JAE 2010 I will be there !!!!!!"



"ragt20" wrote: "It was a top JAE, one that's topped all previous ones.... Just amazing how it's been getting bigger and better for us, every year we think how and whether we'd be able to top it the following year, and without failure we go out there and do it... Tis all you guys who make the effort to turn up that make it such a top event... Was great to meet all the peeps I've met before, all the ones that I ain't seen for a while as well as all the noobs to JAE... NCN guys top bunch of guys, great to meet the guys who came last year, and the newcomers for this year. Other clubs better watch out, NPOC are here and here to stay...We ain't just getting big...We getting massive!"



"sluffer" wrote: "I'd just like to say a massive massive thankyou to the club owners, Ade, G & Shaun for organising another fantastic JAE, and the backroom staff for all the help behind the scenes.  A massive shout out also to Caroline 'Bijob, Mum' Simpson for again working tirelessly to ensure we were all fed and watered and being the best hostess in the world. A special thankyou to the NCN guys for coming over to England yet again, and being the perfect guests on saturday night. Last and not least a very hooge mahoosive thankyou, to you the members for making this yet another memorable JAE, it's all of you that make it special and year on year it just gets better and better and that just wouldn't be possible without you guys and your family & friends. So thankyou, you are all without doubt special."



"Ant-Dat" wrote: "Thanks to Caroline for keeping everyone in key and cooking etc. Thanks to NPOC admin/staff for allowing and all of NPOC/NCN members for help me raising the £520 (at present) for PSP."



"GemGemz" wrote: "AWESOME!! It was a well AWESOME weekend!! Thankyou all so much!!! Your all AWESOME.... AWESOME food, AWESOME drink, AWESOME company, AWESOME cold mornings, AWESOME NPOC!!!!! AWESOME JAE!!! I plan to return next year... As should you all.... It will be AWESOME! To sum up JAE 09 =AWESOME =] THANKYOU!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"



"Tom-P10" wrote: "This was a really fantastic JAE and it was great to see all of the crew. You guys are like family to me. Was good to see the dutch guys again too - Sorry i didnt get chance to speak to you guys as much this year, hope you are all well after your long trip over? Thanks to Caroline, Shaun, Ade, G and the rest of the behind the scenes guys who made this happen long before the event and kept it running as the best JAE ever."



"WhIpLa$h" wrote: "It was really nice seeing you all again at JAE we had a wonderful time! I just want to say a big thanx to everyone for making the weekend so brilliant, special thanx go to the Chef's for all the lovely food!"



"supraboy" wrote: "Had an awesome time at JAE this year! Didn't get a chance to meet half the people I wanted too, but those who I did meet, you made the weekend what it was. Awesome weekend, cannot wait for next year!"



"Mad Ax" wrote: "Awesome stuff! Was an absolutely cracking time, massive thanks to the club staff for making this an excellent JAE. I'm already super-excited about next year! Respects to all and thanks once again for a fantastic weekend."


I'll see the feature out with the final words and thanks from myself - A mahoooosive shout out to all and any who helped with official club stuff at JAE. Whenever we needed help with moving the catering and setting up, it was the same people who stepped up to the plate - Thank you!

The guys that helped us with the cooking (special mention to Andy "Gizz" as always here). All the guys that took the time to make sure the stand was clean and tidy each morning and for the times you picked up and lobbed stuff in the bin during the day.


In fact worth mentioning all the people who helped other members over JAE.. It was outstanding!! Everywhere I looked there were members helping other members.. It was fantastic and it just backs up why we are so well known for our friendly existence online and offline.


TO ALL THE MEMBERS WHO REPRESENTED THE CLUB... In the sporting events / it's a knockout events / official show and shine... THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!! It made no difference to me if we won or lost but it meant the world that you wanted to represent the NPOC and that's a win all by itself regardlessly!


When we turned out at the official presentation awards on the Sat night at the hall.. We filled the place, when we stormed the stage, people took notice LOL! We cheered every club and person when they won an award, people took notice... When we won an award, people covered their ears!!


Our members are noticed by the uniformity of our club gear and our cars are noticed now as well... NPOC has become a name people now know and that's all down to you people.


The cars were truly exceptional, we had many many visitors on the stand looking around. Your friendliness to all and any was par for the course and as legendary as the name you have made for the club.


Thank you to everyone of you (including the NCN) who supported us, in supporting Ant's charity fund raiser to help remember his father. Seriously that was massive generosity!


Thank you to the NCN for coming to join us again this year and a bigger thank you to all our members here at NPOC for making them feel so welcome as always. I personally couldn't picture a JAE without the NCN enjoying a beer and a laugh with us, so long may that continue!!


NPOC is more than just a bunch of petrol heads, we are a family and we welcome all into the family. We're more than just a bunch of net heads who hang out in cyberspace too and we never discriminate against others. We offer help to anyone who needs it in here, regardless of who pays and who doesn't. We offer that same help at club meets and to members we meet on the street!


We are a success and one of the big Jap club players in UK / world! That success is entirely down to all you guys and girls who keep putting into the club.. You have made us who we are today and you'll make us bigger and better for tomorrow.


You made NPOC, you are NPOC! I'm proud as fook to be a part. Many many thanks from me!

Shaun "essNchill"



Congratulations once again to all of you!

October 2009 COTM - NPOC @ JAE 2009
Written by essNchill


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