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September 2011 - Japsniper (P11)

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Printed Date: 22 Oct 2020 at 3:39pm

Topic: September 2011 - Japsniper (P11)
Posted By: NPOC_COTM
Subject: September 2011 - Japsniper (P11)
Date Posted: 30 Aug 2011 at 3:11am

Congratulations on winning September 2011 COTM Colin! Great to see a track car winning this one and also a super rare “X” Plate Nissan Primera P11 GT too! How does it feel bagging this exclusive award and the awesome COTM trophy as well?

I am or was lost for words, the moment “essNchill” slipped it into my hands, the COTM trophy I mean.

Like fellow NPOCers before me, I am very honored for my car to have been chosen for such an award.

We all have our ideas on how our cars look or perform, so to receive such an award is awesome, brill, great and I’m over the moon.

Before we talk cars, modifications and mechanics, we’d love to find out about you the owner. Please tell us about yourself and what you get up to, away from the NPOC.

Well over the last 3 years not a lot due, to the big C. I am just starting to get back to what we call normal life? So at the moment work is taking most of my time up, apart from meeting fellow NPOCers.

I like nothing more than to spend time with my dad, he means so much to me; my wife Jan and son Joe take up the rest of my time, along with Sam the dog.

As for the future WATCH THIS SPACE!

How did you find the NPOC forums and are we any good? Would you happily recommend the club to other Nissan Primera owners?

Dad found you guys first and passed the forum site on to me and as they say, the rest is history.

Recommend it? Well shit YES! The club and cars go together and it is spot on, well I think so.

You’re an Elite Member here (our highest level of paying membership), are you getting value for money with that? And please sell us the reason, why everyone should become Elite.

Two simple answers to this - Access to all the threads on the forum and the amount of pennies it saves you (and I don’t just mean by the events I go to,  which the club gives me huge discounts as an Elite Members), it’s mainly the pennies you save on parts and insurance - The list is endless.

On a personal level (and if you don’t mind), you have recovered from and beaten cancer - RESPECT! You have a cracking outlook on life and truly embrace everything about life, sum up (for all the moaners out there) what life should really be about…

Life is hard but it’s only as hard as you make it?

Get out and about, enjoy and live every day as it comes.

You never know what surprises are around the corner, good and BAD.

Listen and feel to your own body, if there are any signs at all that something is not right, then seek help ASAP -  DO NOT LEAVE IT, TIME IS SO IMPORTANT.

I’ve already mentioned the registration rarity in the introduction and people reading this will notice from the photos, that your car is on a “P” Plate (this is off course a personalized registration) – However it was originally on an X Reg and is the 1st X Reg P11 I believe any of us have ever seen! Do you think there are any others stashed away out there, or have you seen any others (other than your own)?

For a living I am a taxi driver, so I do between 50 and 80 thousand miles a year, so the answer to this question is NO, I haven’t seen another yet but surely it can’t be the only one, CAN IT?

I also check Autotrader, eBay and PistonHeads on a regular basis but the only X Reg ones I see are the later Nissan Primera P11 144’s.

You lovingly refer to your car as “Japsniper” (it’s also your username on here too), explain what’s behind the name?

Well that’s easy just blame pops “tickermetcalfe”, he called my first Nissan Primera SRi “Japsniper”. Simple really, Jap because it’s Japanese made and Sniper was just a bit of fun - When we passed a faster car we used to say, you have been “Japsnipered”.

We know that this Nissan Primera P11 GT is not the only Primera you currently own, please tell us about the others, having an uber rare JDM VVL gives us a semi!

Yes I own a few more Primeras!

They are:

P10 track car

P11 silver hatch

P11 red hatch

And the only JDM P11 VVL in the club at the moment.

So all in all I have 5 LOL!

You have to blame “Primera Dave” for the JDM (although he doesn’t know it), it’s due to him spending so much on his SR20DE and getting a whopping 177bhp from a non GT (for which I have respect), it was a no brainer. Why spend that much money when you can buy a true JDM VVL with more BHP at half the price and have less hassle too - Need I say more?

“P11 GTX” is setup (very nicely too) for the track but is also a daily driver, was it your intentions from day 1 to create a track based Primera?

No not at all, I bought a Nissan Primera P10 from eBay for tracking but the more I drove sniper, the more convinced I was that I should use him for track and as a daily drive.

Then I saw “DaMasterPNut” go round Castle Combe in his P11 and that finally made my mind up, so thanks to Laurens I am spending my money on trying to keep in front of his SR20VE, with an SR20DE.

On to the modifications, now would be a great time to tell us all about your Nissan Primera P11 GT Track Slag! So please list your full spec and all modifications, inside and out:

Ok here goes from memory..

Quick shift gear lever

BC coilovers

Pro Race 1.2 lightweight alloy wheels

Lightweight wheel nuts

Yokohama 888 tyres

Stainless decat pipe

K&N 57i air filter

JWT S3R camshafts

JDM headlights

Clear rear corners

Plasma dials

Nissan 300zx alloy front calipers with milled discs

EBC front yellow pads

EBC rear yellow pads

Goodridge braided front and rear brake pipes

5.1 brake fluid

Addco rear sway bar

FSE fuel regulator

Battery relocated in boot

Skyline R32 gear knob

Iridium spark plugs

Magnecor plug leads

Autogauge oil pressure gauge

What’s the most enjoyable change you’ve made so far?

That would be the BC coilovers, they have transformed how sniper handles! A few clicks and you have a good handling track car - Ask “Sluffer”, I didn’t realise sniper had two sets of brake pedals.   

Your father Derek (who is also an Elite Member on NPOC) appears to be very spanner handy (as you do), do you guys work on the cars together? Am I also right in thinking that the pair of you were involved in motorsport at some level, in your younger days?

It depends what needs doing, if it’s a big job then we do it together at our work shop. From the age of 12 I started grass tracking, then moved on to rally cross.. It was great times but I stopped when I was 22.

Getting married and having kids etc put paid to it all but since joining NPOC I have the motivation again, I may try for my B license and do Time Attack?

Are you after more power for the track car, or does it satisfy your needs as it is now? Surely a turbo install, would stop some of those big blown Jap cars getting by you on the straights?

More power would be nice but at the moment sniper will do just fine, plus he is also a daily runner so he still as full leather interior and air con that works, you know for them really hot summer days LOL.

He as just had some JWT S3R cams put in, so that might help and when the time comes I might lighten him at some point.

If I gave £500 right now and told you it had to be spent on the car, what would you buy?

Give me the £500 and I will give you a receipt for the Quaife ATB Q17L diff.

If money was no object and you could do anything you wanted to “Japsniper”, what would you do?

Well you all know I am a track slag so would keep him SR20DE but add:

2.1 stroker kit

Full roll cage

Jenvey throttle bodies

Nistune ECU

And any more performance parts I could, to make him go quicker! - The ultimate SR20DE.

Oh bollocks RML here we come!!!

And a respray LOL.

Time for the quick fire question round!

Marmite or Bovril?Bovril (if pushed)

Grass Track or Stock Car Racing? Grass Track

Seaside or City?Seaside

JAE or Japfast?  Close call but Japfast due to track sessions

Whippet or Labrador? Labrador

Emmerdale or Eastenders? Emmerdale

Alfa Romeo or Lancia? Lancia

Tell us your favorite NPOC car?“Mad Maru” and “Riggys99” both shit hot for different reasons.

You are always a regular at our Club Meets, whether it be a national or a smaller regional event (respect!) – Tell everyone why they should take the time to get out to our meets.

Get your arses out and about and meet fellow NPOCers. First try the small regular ones nearest to you, just to see what it’s all about and then go for the big National ones (the discount you get from the club on entrance tickets, if you are an Elite Member can go towards your fuel so it’s well worth it) JUST DO IT!

I love Japfest 1 and Japfest 2 for the track sessions but JAE has to be the 1 for getting to know peeps and have a few tinnies under the stars.

These club meets big and small are super, you get to see each others mods and so you’ll get ideas!

Looking forward to JAE in September? Any idea which Nissan Primera you’ll be bringing LOL?

Good question and not easy to answer, so I am toying with the idea of Jan (Mrs Japsniper) driving one and me driving the other.

If not I think I will bring the VVL only because it isn’t British made but a true Jap motor.

NPOC for life (regardless of what car you own and drive) or leg it when you change car?

No doubt about it I am a lifer, only time will tell.

Tell Carlos Ghosn why he needs to bring back the Nissan Primera brand:

Simple this answer, we need a Honda beater! Why they never made the SR20VE VVL over here is beyond belief.

With the wealth of knowledge the club has, I am sure we could help Carlos make one.

So Carlos get ya thinking cap on and make a Primera GT VVL world beater. Why hell you could call it the NPOC ltd edition!

Many thanks for telling us all about yourself and your track car based Nissan Primera Colin, seeing you and the car out on track representing the NPOC always puts a smile on my face! Congratulations once again for winning Car Of The Month for September 2011! Please end this feature, in your own words and feel free to thank anyone who’s made this one possible.

First I would like to thank my wife Janice for helping me recover from cancer, visiting me at hospital every day without fail, for this I am truly grateful  - Love you gorgeous x - I would also like to thank Jan for putting up with me over my cars and NPOC. She deserves a medal?

My son Joe just for being my son, who I am very proud of and love very dearly.

My dog Sam who we got when I was feeling a bit down and proved to be that little extra tonic I needed, to get through the last few years.

My pops Derek who for once in his life was very worried about me (things you have to do to get attention?) and for always helping out with sniper and other scrapes I have got into over the years, cheers dad love ya very very much.

And last but not least, yes you guys the NPOCers and sniper, between you both I have found strength and motivation to attend meets and get sniper ready for track slagging.


Sniper you track slag, I can’t wait to give you a thrashing. 

Congratulations once again to Colin!

September 2011 COTM - Japsniper
Written by essNchill

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