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Nissan primera P12 "clunk"

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Printed Date: 08 Apr 2020 at 5:56am

Topic: Nissan primera P12 "clunk"
Posted By: Bohica
Subject: Nissan primera P12 "clunk"
Date Posted: 10 Feb 2020 at 2:35pm
Hi guys,
I am pretty sure I have a small clutch problem but not sure where to point the spanners, there is a definite clunk coming from the engine compartment passenger side about foot level. I watched the wife drive and the clunk seems to be when she lifts her foot off the clutch, I am thinking either slave cylinder or thrust bearing. One is not expensive and the other is a lot of money, who will pay a garage to change the bearing and not pop a new clutch on there while they have it open?  I am no mechanic so if anyone can come up with any other possible causes for this sound PLEASE let me know. ie if someone has had a similar experience what was the cause? I feel like I am tap dancing in a mine field blindfold here guys so any help would be very gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance,

Paul K.

I think therefor I am.

Posted By: pianoprimera
Date Posted: 10 Feb 2020 at 7:35pm
You absolutely sure it's not a worn engine mounting having a metal to metal impact as the clutch transfers/releases power? Just a thought . . . If it was a regular clunk not associated with clutch use I'd say sway bar drop links, but this isn't the case. If it's a new clutch then have the lot done I say. As long as it's a good solid car, before you get rid and jump into the fire with some vehicle requiring a cambelt change which will practically cost you as much for a belt, pump and pulleys (your Primera is chain cam driven).

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