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December 2009 - MysticMike (P11)

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    Posted: 29 Nov 2009 at 11:07pm

Congratulations on winning December 2009 COTM Mike! You have now added the amazing achievement of winning 2 COTM features with 2 different Primera’s and your already mahooosive NPOC trophy cabinet (more on this later) strains, to hold another well deserved club trophy!! How does it feel this time around?


Shocked is a word that springs to mind. With this now being my sixth club trophy, it feels so good and I am so grateful. After winning 2 trophies at JAE earlier this year, I thought that was it for me! I didn’t ever think I would win car of the month for my P11, because of the great standard or Primera’s that are out there. It’s like an early Christmas present to for me, cheers (big smile)!!



So let's talk about those 6 NPOC trophies for a second here! Before we move on with the normal COTM questions, I just wanted to take the time to run down the list of "trophies the Mystical one has won":



COTM - February 2004 (P10 eGT)

Gold Award (AKA Best Primera on Stand) Winner - JAE 2004 (P10 eGT)

Best Primera on Stand Winner - JAE 2007 (P11 GTSE)

Show N Shine Winner - JAE 2009 (P11 GTSE)

Mystic Death Match Winner - JAE 2009 (P11 GTSE)

COTM - Dec 2009 (P11 GTSE)


Here's a look at your COTM Feature from February 2004:


And here's some classic photos showing you bagging the rest!!


WOW! So now we all know you are the man who can, let's talk cars! We’d love to find out about you the owner and it will be interesting hearing about any changes, since you were last asked this question in 2004. Please tell us about yourself and what you get up to, away from the NPOC.


Interesting... How long have you got? I am Mike, aged 37 and divorced with a 10 year old daughter called Lauren and a lovely girlfriend called Joanne. I am an aircraft refinisher and paint helicopters for the Navy, Army and RAF. I joined the club after reading up about the build quality and reliability of Nissan Primera’s and having a mate that worked at Nissan, I bought my silver P10 eGT. It was the first time I had ever owned a Primera or a Jap car and I loved it from day one.


The P10 was superb and I modified that one as much as I could, I went for the subtle yet eye catching looks. I owned this for two years before selling it to “StevenB” (old member on here), who then took my award winning P10 and removed everything so it was back to standard (each to there own I suppose)! I was a bit gutted to see it go but it had to make way for my GTSE that I had just purchased. Since owning the GTSE I encountered the “D word”, that being divorce. Whilst all this was happening I still found time to modify the Primera and do all the normal stuff!


I also met another girl, who bearing in mind I live in Gosport, she doesn’t live that far away.. SCOTLAND!! I don’t think you could get much further apart. I asked Shaun (essNchill on here) if he could drop me off at the airport and explained what I was up to. I got the usual Shaun reply, “You got some balls man, meeting a girl you only seen photos of and flying 450 miles to meet her. Say she is not there?”. What did I have to lose? I was divorced and things couldn’t get much worse it’s a gamble, a gamble that is still going strong to this date! It will be 4 years in May 2010. That’s a lot of driving and flying, as Roy Castle would say "Dedication’s what you need"!


Other things I like to get up to include, 5 aside footie (when I’m available), clubbing although I don’t really do much of this now and my continued love for music, listening and playing it. After giving up DJ’ing due to arrival of my daughter, I still have a passion for it. I have a keyboard that I like to try and play, I can’t read a note but I listen to songs and then try to play them, as seen on my Youtube Channel (astra32001). I enjoy overseas holidays, I’ve had 2 this year, Spain and Mexico! They are essential to my hectic lifestyle, as a way of relaxing and spending much needed time together with Joanne. Lastly, I’m a PS3 addict! I love my games console and have just started playing Call Of Duty, a game that I thought I would hate but just can’t put it down! Now I just need a big HD television to make the most of my PS3 and enjoy the Blue Ray movies!     


You've been here as long as the Old Skool guys now, so we must be doing something right! Would you happily recommend the club to other Nissan Primera owners and what are the benefits?


Of course! What a silly question, even from someone of your intelligence LOL. It would always be a number one priority to direct them our way, to the ever expanding NPOC family. So many members have found us through weblinks after searching for “Nissan Primera this or that”, joined the club and got continued help, advice and tips. Then there’s the trips out, meets, trophies, breakfasts and the continued generosity, provided by the Club Owners and Club members, to help out another member no matter how big or small.


You are one of our members who pays for an Elite Membership. What’s your reason for that and is it worth it?


The reason I am Elite is because...... A website club like this is not easy, nor cheap to run. There is a lot of background work that goes into making the club what it is and a lot of time and effort has been put in to make this happen.


For my £4 per month membership payment (yes just £4 a month, that’s cheaper than a pack of B&H!), I get the added benefits of days or weekends out, such as JAE where you pay £15 for your camping and get free booze and fed all weekend, plus trophies are also presented for various events on the day. What other club provides this much for such a small price? I get loads of discounted deals on Club Group Buys and subsidised entry tickets to Club Events because I am an Elite Member. Then there is the Ace Café Xmas Meet, where yet again you get a free breakfast care of NPOC’s Owners.


You've owned 2 awesome Primera’s now, the P10 eGT and your current whip the Mystic.. If you had both parked outside right now and had to choose which one to drive to work, which one would it be? Just to make this a hard question to answer, you gotta tell us why!


Well that’s not an easy one to answer and thanks for that! But I’m sorry to say it would be the P10, I loved that car and although I won awards with my pride and joy at the time, it can never turn heads like my Mystic does, so the Mystic would be in a garage. One of the main reasons would not really be the practicality but the constant worry you live with, owning a Mystic. If I was to drive to work and got a ding in the eGT, it was silver so pop to Halfrauds, buy yourself a can of paint and a day later jobs a goodun! If this was to happen to the Mystic, contact the bank manager as a remortgage is required. That’s probably the only reason I can think of, is the price of the paint if something goes wrong.    



I can't hold this question back anymore! You've won so many trophies that always point towards your Nissan Primera being so rediculously shiny, you must hold the definitive answer to which products to buy and use? We all have our favourite car shampoos and waxes but which one do you recommend? Do you always follow a set routine or method, when you get out to clean the GT?


For years I used Autoglym Super Resin Wax but times change and polish and wax companies are in a constant battle, to provide you with a wax or polish that produces an outstanding shine and longevity.


My personal choice has been a combination of Meguiars Deep Crystal Wax (used after) Meguiars Paint Cleaner and after I have used a Meguiars clay bar. Then I would finish with Poorboys Carnuba Sealent. This is left for thirty minutes after the application then buffed to a super shine!


Everyone has their own way of cleaning a car but all I can say is, wash and wax it once really really well, then every time after this it just gets easier and with the constant layers of wax you build up over time, this not only looks good and deepens the shine but also acts as a protective barrier against the elements! I have also tried a wax called Rude Wax, that for just £1.99 was brilliant and smelt good enough to eat, that goes to show that it’s not always a case of “the dearer the better”!


On to the modifications (at last), now would be a great time to tell us all about your Nissan Primera P11 GTSE, so please list your full spec and all modifications, inside and out:

Engine Bay & Performance:
SS Autochrome header
K&N custom induction kit
Supersprint exhaust 
Mirror finish dress up parts
Wheels & Suspension:
18” TSW Volcanos with Yokohama Parada Spec 2 rubber
Gmax lowering springs
LED side lights
LED running lights set inside front fog lights
4300K HID Kit
Skyline R34 clear side repeaters
Carbon fiber style number plates
Front bumper bar cut out, painted gloss black and a GT logo grafted in
Flat wiper blades
Gold painted calipers
Gold Nissan badge set
Removed vinyl from pillars and gold GT stickers angled up the door
NPOC stickers
David Leslie Tribute Stickers
Mequiars Stickers
Custom “GT” 3rd brake light mask
Green LED Map lights
Green LED Dash lights
Green LED immobiliser unit
Chrome Dash rings
Mystic gear knob
Gold gear surround with David Leslie Tribute Sticker
P11 144 chrome air vents
P11 144 sunglasses holder
Chrome interior handles
JVC stereo with Ipod hookup


Out of that lot, what would you consider to be your most favourite modification you’ve made so far?


The wheels! These were a steal at £360 from Jason “Poetic” (old NPOC member), due to his company providing him with a company car and him not needing his Primera anymore. These wheels had seen less than 100 miles on the Yoko rubber and were sold to me, for less than half price and made a dramatic change to the Mystic!


Anything you'd really love to do to the Mystic GTSE if you won the Lotto?


Paint the boot. Apart from that and some decent brakes, maybe an interior re-trim. Everything else I love as it is.


You've been owning / driving and modding Primeras for 7 or so years now, what's kept you in a Nissan Primera and why?


In a nut, reliability! With the amount of travelling I do, to and from Scotland it’s a car that I can just jump into and know it will get me to my destination. Also the comfort of knowing that if something did go wrong with the Mystic, an NPOC member is never too far away to lend a helping hand.


Honest answer now... Those of us at JAE 2008 heard the bang and saw the damage on that early morning. You were surprisingly OK about it at the time, inside you must have been feeling some nasty mansize pain?


Surprisingly OK, yes I was. It’s been years and years since I really lost my temper and I’m a very placid sort of person. I moan yes but it takes a lot to really get me going and in the case of my boot, it could have been a number of things. Was the grass really that slippery? Was I maybe... still tired? I don’t know and will never be able to answer this, which is maybe why I didn’t cry or get angry? I was more confused than anything and totally gutted. As with anything like that. there will always be what if`s, but`s,and maybe`s, so more a case off, “oh well it’s not spoiling my weekend, it’s done now and get over it”.


Is your next car gonna be a Nissan Primera? Maybe time to bag a trophy with a P11-144 or P12?


In short I have not got a clue. One day there maybe something that jumps out at me and I’ll say "I want that car", just like I did when I first saw a Mystic, aged 25 (they were rolling out brand new from the factory!).


Time for the quick fire question round!


P10 or P11? – P11

Hatch or Saloon? – Hatch

Wet grass or Tarmac? –HA HA LOL

Vauxhall or Ford? – Vauxhall

McD's or Burger King? – Burger king

Need For Speed or Forza? – Need For Speed (I have never played Forza).

Tell us your favourite NPOC car? – Pete’s “yogi” on here, P11 144. There are others I can think of that I like but Pete’s always stands out for me and it’s this car I would have, if I didn’t have a Mystic and it was for sale.


Tell us something non car related about yaself, that we probably don’t know and would freak us out!


At this years JAE I was just chatting to Paul “nookie” and Pete “yogi”, when I said I can bend my arms around the wrong way! "Let's see" they said, so I showed them to a “OMG that’s not right” shout! I then went on to show them that my two little fingers are bent from birth and that I can pop my hip out of it’s joint LOL!


Over your many years of membership at NPOC, you and your car(s) have always been present at the national and regional club meets. For any members who are reading your feature and have NOT showed out at a club meet, please take some time to tell why they should! Why do you always turn up?


I try to make as many club meets as I can and it always sticks in my head that on my first meet, I received a warm welcome and before you knew it I was chatting about cars and all sorts of things with people I didn’t know!. As with any new member, it’s always a bit daunting to turn up in a car park and meet a group of people you don’t know. But don’t worry, because the moment you step out your car you will be welcomed and introduced to other members and made to feel at home. From that point on, you will wonder why you ever worried about going to a club meet and your amazing NPOC journey will begin.


What’s been your best NPOC memory so far over the years?


There are two (I’m picking 2 anyways!) The NPOC hurricane at JAE 2006 where 20 of us held down the marquee, whilst 80 -100 MPH winds swept through the East of England Showground wrecking the campsite, as we continued to hold on for dear life and carry on drinking and chatting!


The other was the NPOC award sweep at JAE this year (the official awards handed out to the car clubs by the event organisers etc). The noise and ellation of everyone was amazing as we heard our club name called out! As we all took our places for the JAE photo Daz “Lurch” on here, made his dramatic entrance by tripping over himself and flying across the floor as the camera clicked.



Many thanks for telling us all about yourself (again!) and your Nissan Primera GTSE Mike, you still remain top of the table for our most decorated NPOC member and trophy number 6 is just soooooooooo well deserved too! Congratulations once again for winning Car Of The Month for December 2009! Over to you for the finishing words on this one, please give out your shouts / show your love and take the decks for a solo mix .


THANK YOU once again to everyone who over the years, have voted for me and have made it possible for me, to be the proud owner of so many trophies. If it wasn’t for you lot it would never of happened!


Thanks to SHAUN “essNchill” for his help over the years. I have grown to see you as a really close friend even though I have only known you for 7 years - It seems like I have known you all my life.


Thanks to Pete “yogi” for dropping stuff at short notice, to come around and help out with the car.


Thanks to Paul “Peetee” for the free boot and giving us a giggle as you unicycled around the garages.


Thanks to my mate Wayne for helping with both cars over the years and phoning me to say, “mate if you want those 18” TSW wheels, I have £400 you can borrow till the end of the month”, without that I would never have got the alloys and I don’t think I would have got best car on stand at JAE 2007.


Thanks to Ant “Ant-Dat”. I always like to thank Ant for always offering to help not just me but any member that needs something doing, no matter how big or small.


Thanks to Caroline “Biojoba” for providing us with hot drinks and food at every JAE and keeping us all inline – She really is the “NPOC MUM”!


Lastly thanks to all the Staff Team and the Club Owners: G “ragt20“, ADE “shade” AND SHAUN “essNchill”, for making this club what it is today! Without them non of this would be possible.

Congratulations once again to Mike!

December 2009 COTM - MysticMike
Written by essNchill
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